girl gadgets

Space Invaders jewelry for the girl gamers

This Super Invasion necklace is definitely interesting and there is no way of denying your inner gamer once you have it on either.

Swarvoski Pirate Watch

I thoroughly enjoy a good contradiction, and this pink pirate watch is exactly that. Obviously since I have a pair of ballet slippers with skulls and crossbones on them you can guess that I'm going to love the pirate part too.

The IcyBag keeps cosmetics cool on your summer outings

Any girl who enjoys having their secret stash of makeup in the car has opened their bag when its 90 degrees and found their favorite lipstick melted beyond repair. This IcyBag is just the thing to prevent having to go on a shopping spree to buy all new supplies.

Mixx Vegan Cell Phone Case

If you're looking for a new cell phone case and enjoy the cuter side of things for your gadgets you'll enjoy this line from Mixx.

Angel Speakers – more odd accessories to add to your collection

If you're looking for some “interesting” speakers, look no further. These Angel Speakers if nothing else are definitely interesting.

Cupcake speakers give you the munchies

It's just cruel to create these gadgets that look like food. Now they are selling these very cute speakers made to look like cupcakes.

USB Gift Set For Ladies

Apparently a few particular companies have a slight misconception about women that own computers. Mostly that we just have fluff in our heads as opposed to real brain. Don't worry I do have proof of these allegations, the USB gift set for ladies.

Chic women’s laptop bags from Targus

Different female oriented laptop bags have been popping up quite a bit lately. Targus is now jumping on the band wagon and creating their own line of women's bags.

Laptop cases from EDotSquare is just for the girls

I've been in active search for a decent laptop bag that isn't outrageously priced. I of course need something that is casual and not the typical boring laptop case. Heaven forbid I blend in at all. This laptop case from EDotSquare might just be my new favorite.

Echo 15 laptop bag

Long have the days passed of carrying around dull leather laptop bags. Hey, why shouldn't your laptop bag be just as fun as any of your other accessories?

Pink accessories to make your iPhone chick-friendly

With the iPhone finally being released everyone is looking for fun accessories to add to their latest purchase, and that includes the gadget-minded ladies. Well now there is a pink case sneaking its way into the market via the net.

The Hello Kitty Flower Cellphone Charm

If you love all that's pink and girly then you can definitely get your fix with the thousands of Hello Kitty gadgets and accessories. Now you can add a cute little pink Hello Kitty flower to your cellphone.

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