geek gear

Guitar Hero Wii Controller in plush form

I will never understand the need to turn gaming controllers into plush, however, here is yet another converted into a plush little pillow. This isn't just any Guitar Hero controller, it's the Wii controller.

The Nintendo Wii inspired cabinet

There is nothing quite like the geek furniture that is produced from games. Some of it is a bit more small and subtle and then others are completely impossible to blend in with the average home. This Wii cabinet may be a bit out there, but for die hard fans it's perfect.

The Video Game Cuff Links

Sometimes even gamers need to look nice, you can't wear those quirky tees all the time. If you're stuck in an office all day, you need that one bit of rebellion to remind you of who you really are. These cuff links are a nice enough quality to blend into any environment.

Retro Atari Earrings and Charm

If you miss all those retro Atari games, sometimes its nice to have a little something to remind you of the 'good old days'. I'm sure I've said before, but Etsy is a great resource for original geek gear. This charm and earring set are a great example of that.

The Ultimate Customizable Phone

There is nothing quite like that true geeky pixelated look. There have been several different bits of fashion and gadgets featuring a pixel look to them. However, this is the first cell phone sporting that particular look.

The Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Everyone needs that one room in their house that is dedicated to Space Invaders, of course, you'll need a seperate one for all the Mario Bros. accessories too. If you're going to dedicate any room to Space Invaders, I would suggest making it your bedroom just so you can have this bad boy lying next to your bed.

The Equation Bookshelf

Geeky furniture comes in all different forms. It even comes in the form of quirky bookshelves such as these. Featuring mathematical brackets they show the world what is most important to you.

The Space Explorer Light Fixture

I can never seem to resist writing up the geeky lighting fixtures. This one has more than just its geeky appeal though. It comes from Eco Lights which sells exactly what it sounds like, lights that have green friendly features.

The 42 Floppy Disk Laptop Bag

I think this wins the award of the geekiest laptop bag ever, and on this rare occasion I don't mean that as a compliment. I enjoy many creations made from old technology, I especially love things made from circuit boards, but this is a bit much even for me.

The Circuitboard Ornament Set

I know, it is difficult to shift gears from Halloween and think about Christmas, however, it is November already. If you're wanting to have something besides the run of the mill Christmas tree, these geek-friendly ornaments are anything but the general decorations you see around.

Geeks can't have normal trees! It's too common, and we can't have that. Made from recycled circuitboards they come in a gift set of three.

PC Dice keeps your diagnosis creative

If you're under pressure trying to fix someone's PC, whether its for cash or a needy relative and need a diagnosis quick snatch some of these dice. It may not be the correct one, but they'll likely stop calling.

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