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The Batman replica cuffs for all your geeky needs

I think I have just found what will soon be featured on random nerd pr0n sites all throughout the net. Now there will no longer be random Harley Quinns not captured, no, they shall be adorned with replica Batman cuffs.

Robo Vacuum attacks your crumbs in true geeky fashion

Although this vacuum is definitely no Roomba, it is still pretty cool. Straight from Perpetual Kid, this cute little robot will lie in wait ready to spring into action and sweep up your crumbs.

The Space Invaders Cutting Board

Even in the kitchen gamers need ways to express their geeky selves. Beyond fridge magnets there aren't a ton of ways to do that. Well now one Etsy seller is offering this cutting board to keep you attached to the classics.

The Wiimote Cufflinks – perfect for gamer weddings

A while back I wrote up some gaming cufflinks, and geeky cufflinks are nothing new really. Now, however, there are cufflinks especially for the Wii fans.

Wall Mounted LED Lamp in the form of throwing stars

If you haven't felt quite enough like a ninja lately, a bit of quirky lighting might boost your confidence a bit. Especially if it seems sharp and dangerous, okay it might not really be, but it is shiny and designed after a dangerous weapon.

The Circuit Board Mouse Pad – poorly thought out

Anyone who has enjoyed looking at the products that come from recycled circuit boards will enjoy this mouse pad. As with all circuit board products it is made of old useless ones, although this one has a slight snag with the purpose of its direct function.

Gelaskins creates Motherboard laptop skin

Gelaskins has been featured a time or two on Slashgear with several different covers that have left myself and several others envious. However, this cover is quite a bit different from their artistic covers that they currently offer, adding a more geeky flair to your laptop.

The All Spark in USB hub form

Any fans of the new Transformers movie might be interested in this USB hub with a bit of a geeky twist. It is designed to look like the All Spark, for those living under a rock, that is the artifact they were protecting in the movie.

Lego Correction Tape

If you're in love with all that is Lego, you might enjoy this geeky office supply. This product happens to be sold by the same people who were selling the Lego Tower Mood Light, so you can snag them both from the same place.

The Zelda Corset offers a bit of geeky sex appeal

Not all geek girls like to show their geeky colors by wearing all sorts of gaming and tech inspired fashion, however, it is fun from time to time. This Zelda corset is definitely one way to show your pride in one of the classic games we all know and love.

The Dr. Who Webcam is technologically challenged

Dr. Who is one of the many highly recognizable symbols among geeks everywhere and now you can have a Dr. Who inspired webcam. Specifically, capturing a detailed Dalek design.

Walkman Radio Wristlet with built in speakers

If you have a thing for portable speakers with a slight vintage flair, you might want to check out this Walkman wristlet. Featuring the design of technology from long ago (that's long ago in technology years) this wristlet will hold what you want it to and play your favorite tunes.

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