Dell next up at Penryn bat

Word on the streets is that Dell is going to be making the jump to Penryn soon. This leak comes from some people that CNet believes to be reliable insiders and they say the change over will take place next week.

Gateway has 2 new computers coming out, GM5664 and GT5662

The GM5664 and GT5662 both have AMD Phenom processors with AMD Live! Both computers also have an nVidia GeForce 6150 SE chipset, but an ATI Radeon HD 2400XT graphics card, however much sense that makes.

Gateway CEO retiring early next year

Just when I thought all the news of these tech industry CEO’s being fired, or just quitting was through, here comes another from Gateway, the computer manufacturer. Mr. Ed Coleman’s decision was largely due to Acer, another computer manufacturer, buying out Gateway as of October.

Before Gateway was purchased, it had its own line of PCs, a more generic brand of PCs under the brand of eMachines, and they had just gotten effective control over Packard Bell, so now Acer owns all of that too. That’s quite a prolific career Mr. Coleman, best of luck in all your future endeavors.

SlashDeal : Walmart Secret In-Store Special Tomorrow at 8am

We read enough about the Walmart Secret In-store leaks from the last few days. They have disclosed the full list online. If you like what you see or still working on the gift list for your love one, you can get them while it lasts at 8am tomorrow. My picks are Vizio 50” Plasma TV $998, Gateway Laptor $398, Toshiba Hd-A3 with Free tittles (2 in box, 5 instant picks, 5 in mails) $298, 40GB PS3 with $50 gift card at $399 and Walmart Exclusive 1GB Pink iPod shuffle $78.72.

Walmart Secret In-Store Sale

Dell XPS ONE on sale now

The prices are from $1499 to $2399 in one of 4 pre-configured configurations. The max out with an Intel C2D E6550, 2GB of RAM, Bluetooth 2.0, an 8-in-1 card reader, WiFi in a/b/g/n flavors, a 256MB ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO, and a half terabyte 7200 RPM HDD.

Not a bad computer all in, its just too bad Dell doesn’t have a brain of their own and they have to not only leech PC designs from other companies (Apple, Gateway), but they also have to go so far as to steal the name too (Gateway ONE). God, I hope to god that Gateway sues their asses off.

Gateway unveils holiday PC lineup

Gateway has just announced their holiday line-up for their desktop and laptop computers. They've got a little something for most people in the household, so if you're planning on buying a PC as a gift this year, you might want to look at Gateway's offerings.

Gateway One Review – Sleek all-in-one desktop

Think all-in-one computers and think hefty, lumpen PCs that try to pretend to be swish LCD displays but instead end up looking desperate - or, more likely, think Apple's luscious iMac and its effortless evolution of style. Gateway have attempted the form-factor before, but never as convincingly as their new One; when first sighted the inevitable "is this an iMac killer?" questions arose and, while that's an important point, maybe more important is whether living with the glossy obelisk is as pleasing as it is to look at. Gateway were kind enough to send a pre-production One over to SlashGear, and so we've been putting it through its fashionable paces.

Gateway XHD3000 Quad HD display announced

Gateway XHD3000 Quad HD display announced

So you've got yourself a nice fancy-pants TV that plays your high-def content pretty nicely. I'm sure it does at least 720p, or if you've got a nice one, 1080p. However, does yours go up to 1600p? I doubt it.

Gateway has taken the wraps off their new 30-inch XHD3000 Quad HD display today. I'm sure you're going to ask, “what is Quad HD?” They use this name because the monitor can display resolutions up to four times as high as a standard 720p TV. While you aren't going to find a lot of content that goes all the way up to 1600p, it will happily upscale from 1080p.

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SlashGear unboxing video of Gateway One

As promised, here is the Gateway One unboxing video. I want to thank Glenn and Tawna from Gateway for helping us doing the unboxing.

The setup is as easy as plugging in the power cable to the system and you are good to go. No pairing needed for the wireless keyboard and mouse, it seems Gateway preset them to connect to the system.

Gateway One officially announced – Live shot and video

We recently reported that Gateway is about to release All-in-One desktop, and today SlashGear’s own Vincent went to the press conference and get some more information and live shot (videos and pictures) of the Gateway One.

During the press conference, Gateway said “One” is available for pre-order and will ship in November this year, however they did not give specific date. As we reported yesterday, it will be available in three configurations, the starting base system will starts at $1299 and high-end configurations will start at $1799.

Video after the jump (Unboxing video)

Gateway One – Sleek All-in-one desktop

Gateway One – Sleek All-in-one desktop

Gateway today announced a sleek desktop PC called The One that looks equally (or more) attractive than the new iMac. I personally think the One is a long lost brother of the new iMac.

Gateway One design resembles characteristics of Apple iMac with its slot-loading side mounted DVD burners and the connectors such as three USB ports, one FireWire, and audio in/out. Wall mounting kit is also available to allow consumer to mount the system on the wall.

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Acer acquires Gateway for $710 million

Acer acquires Gateway for $710 million

Acer has agreed to acquire the computer maker Gateway and to pay around $710 million in cash for the acquisition. Both Gateway's and Acer's board of directors have approved the acquisition and the transaction is expected to be closed by December 2007.

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