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Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse dishes 250 hours of battery life

Aiming to "dispel wireless gaming myths" with its ability to work with 250 hours of "gaming battery life" as well as a new Delta Zero sensor, the Logitech G602 arrives this week. This device is indeed a wireless gaming mouse, connecting to your computer with its own unique wireless protocol (with a 2.4GHz wireless connection) - similar to that of the G peripherals announced earlier this year. This mouse offers up to 2 meters/second (80ips) with Logitech Gaming Software and it works with both Windows and Mac operating systems right out of the box.

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Razer Naga gaming mouse reboot brings a tilting scroll wheel to the mix

Supposing you needed a full number pad on the side of your gaming mouse, there's a brand new piece of equipment coming from Razer that you may want to have a peek at. This is the rebooted Naga MMO mouse, complete with a grip that's made to work for righties and lefties - and mechanical switches galore. There's a set of bright colorful lights around this accessory too, of course, so you can shine brightly beside your top-tier gaming rig with the LEDs all around.

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Razer is re-selling StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm gear for a limited time

Razer, one of the most well-known manufacturers of gaming gear, is now re-launching its gaming peripheral line-up designed for Blizzard’s StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm expansion. The collection of gear is designed to give StarCraft II players the edge that they need in order to dominate in their matches. Razer is bringing back its StarCraft II product line because of the positive response it received during its initial launch. This re-launch will only be available for a limited amount of time.

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Genius Gila gaming mouse hands-on

We've heard about Genius' new Gila gaming mouse before, but here at CES, Genius is showing it off. The Gila is part of the company's GX gaming series, and it certainly looks like a mouse for the gamer who takes their hardware seriously. FPS players will have no problem finding value in this mouse, as Genius has implement at least one feature aimed at giving competitive FPS players an edge.

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ROCCAT Ryos leads CES 2013 gaming charge with mechanical keyboard

The folks at ROCCAT are bringing on the heat with their first-ever mechanical gaming keyboard set for CES 2013, this just the first of a collection of fabulous new devices they'll be blasting out in the next week. The Ryos is "defining a new standard for mechanical gaming keyboards", so they say, while the ROCCAT Power-Grid is a bit of software aimed at your smartphone - and app that'll be hitting the airwaves soon with customized controls for your favorite games on your PC.

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SteelSeries teases mouse with integrated screen

Gaming mice range from the simple to the ridiculous, though they tend to unite on at least one aspect: "expensive". In the world of gaming hardware, novelty is a constant struggle, and boutique manufacturer SteelSeries has something up their sleeves that certainly qualifies. The company posted two photos to their Twitter account today, showing off what appears to be the tail end of a gaming mouse with an integrated screen of some kind. Thousands of PC gamers' wallets are already feeling lighter.

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