GameFly announces new game streaming service for Amazon Fire TV

GameFly, the video game rent-by-mail service, has long been compared to Netflix, at least, back when they mailed us DVDs. Now the company has made a new step towards becoming the gaming equivalent of the Netflix that focuses on streaming. Along with announcing their acquisition of Playcast, GameFly is launching a new game streaming service exclusively on Amazon's Fire TV. And they're not talking about the kind of games you'd find a smartphone, but big-name titles including the Batman Arkham series, Hitman, Darksiders, Red Faction, and games from the various LEGO franchises.

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BioShock PC available for free at GameFly

We're all waiting anxiously for next year's arrival of BioShock Infinite, but if you have yet to play any game in the series, then boy does GameFly have a deal for you. GameFly is currently giving away PC copies of the original BioShock for free. If you haven't played it yet, we highly recommend you take advantage of this offer, as BioShock is easily one of the best games of this generation - there's a reason everyone is so excited for BioShock Infinite, you know.

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GameFLy invades NVIDIA territory with GameStore

There's a new Android gaming group in town, as GameFLy would have you believe, and they're set to take on those best known for having their own dedicated gaming portal, NVIDIA with their TegraZone, asap! This announcement comes at a time when mobile gaming for smartphones and tablets is on the quick rise and both iOS and Android have gigantic markets for the entertainment-loving youth of the world. GameFLy's new GameStore will be launched for Android first and foremost and both iOS and Android will be getting GameFLy games in the near future.

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AMD teams with GameFly for major gamer push

It appears that AMD is bringing the heat back to the world of gaming, or at least some pointed focus, with a deal they've struck with GameFly. This online video game rental and PC download service has a membership program which will be given for free (for 30-days) to purchasers of any of several new AMD processor packs. This membership also includes a 20 percent discount on brand new PC game purchases via GameFly's own PC store.

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Netflix video game rental idea is axed

If you were waiting for the day when you could watch Family Guy on your iPad, pop Indiana Jones into your DVD player, and wait for the latest Call of Duty game to appear in your mailbox, all while only logging into one online account, your dreams have been quashed. Specifically, the Call of Duty part. Video streaming giant Netflix has dismissed its plans to add video game titles to its mail-order rental library.