Galaxy S5 Mini tipped launching with Core II, Ace 4, Young 2, and Star 2

Samsung has opened the floodgates for tiny versions of the Galaxy S5 this week with a number of smartphones that replicate this generation’s abilities. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini we’ll have what replicates the full-sized S5 the most in a 720p 4.5-inch display, Samsung Exynos 3 Quad (3470) processor, and an 8-megapixel camera. This tinier device will look extremely similar to its larger cousin, and will be launching around the world near the middle of July.

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Leaked Samsung Galaxy Tab S images show it’s 6.6mm thin

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S lineup is being primed for the world, and new retail images of the larger 10.5-inch tablet have leaked. Showing the same aesthetic Samsung fans will love, the new tablet is also sporting the AMOLED screen Samsung made popular on their smartphones. That brilliant screen is fronting some peculiar other specs, though.

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Samsung virtual reality headset tipped for Galaxy lineup

If there’s a category of wearable or otherwise smart devices out there, Samsung is on top of it. Today the rumor is that Samsung is making a Virtual Reality headset akin to Oculus Rift. Instead of working with high-powered PCs, however, this device will be working with mobile smart handsets and tablets, and it might even be branded Galaxy.

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Segue 1 dwarf galaxy hints at universe’s first stars

The Segue 1, referred to as the "least chemically evolved galaxy known," could hint at the universe's very first stars, according to researchers who recently studied the tiny galaxy. Among all known galaxies, Segue 1 has significantly fewer stars and less heavy elements, revealing an estimated end to its evolution 13 billion years ago.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review Roundup

It’s time for a set of early reviews for Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S5. This device was introduced earlier this year at Mobile World Congress 2014 where we also got to get some hands-on time with the Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit smart wearables. Now the Galaxy S5 is headed for stores - or is already in stores - across the United States.

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