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Samsung details Knox and HomeSync sharing system

We're here live at Samsung's GALAXY S 4 unveil event in New York City, and the company has unveiled a new feature called HomeSync, which is essentially a home-based cloud storage solution for you and your family. Up to eight family members (or just general users) can push content to a storage box at home, and phones pair with it using NFC. Samsung also unveiled Knox, which is a new feature that keeps your personal life and work life separate on the GALAXY S 4.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 disassembled before official announcement

Samsung is currently announcing the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and all of the official information we have been waiting for. But for those of you who want to get a sneak peak inside of the device, we have some good news for you. A tech journalist from China was able to get his hands on the device before it's been officially released to the world. Thanks to China Unicom, a Chinese telecoms operator, he was able to get a hold of the device and disassemble it for us.

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LG one-ups Samsung with Optimus G ad in Times Square

In an effort to promote their upcoming Galaxy S IV handset, Samsung has plastered Times Square in New York City with billboards and advertisements promoting the new device. However, LG has stepped in to rain on their parade with its own ad that mocks Samsung and the "4" theme. The ad, which is placed right above Samsung's billboard, promotes the company's new Optimus G.

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2012: Samsung spent a fortune on ad/smear campaigns

The saying, "It takes money to make money" most certainly applies to Samsung. It turns out that the leader of Android spent about $401 million on advertising last year, which is even more than the $333 million that Apple spent on its campaigns. Researchers say that the huge increase in spending is necessary as it's competing with Apple for the top spot in the smartphone market place.

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Samsung unveils designs for its new, upcoming devices

Here's a sneak peak at a few devices Samsung has planned for us. Samsung has been granted 7 new design patents for several smartphones and 3D glasses. Samsung had also recently been granted patents that showed that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will have 3D-capable camera technology integrated into it. The included pictures below show 4 new devices that Samsung plans on releasing, one of which is supposed to be a Windows 8 device.

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Hands-on video shows off Galaxy S IV test device

This week is when we'll find out everything we ever wanted to know about the Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphone. The launch event is set to happen in only two days. While Thursday is the day when the smartphone will go official, rumors continue to circulate as fans clamor for more information.

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