AMtek iTablet Speed-Lite Tegra 2 tablet brings four touchscreen friends to Computex

The tablet market is gathering momentum, and AMtek has just announced all five of the models they'll be bringing to Computex next month.  The slates range in processor prowess from a simple 800MHz Freescale chip, through NVIDIA's Tegra 2, and then into the realms of Intel's Menlow and Montevina platforms.  Touchscreen technology, meanwhile, includes active digitizers and multitouch-capable capacitive screens.

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Freescale smartbook concepts take on mobile gaming, iPad & more

We love a good concept mock-up, and Freescale are generally a pretty good source for them.  After last year's smartbook designs the company has again turned to the Savannah
College of Art & Design (SCAD) to come up with nine new ideas for the mobile device of the future.  Among the selection - which are gradually being revealed on Freescale's blog, along with the research that educated them - there's a gaming device targeted at teenagers that also allows for easy SMS and instant-messaging, together with a tilt-screen ultraportable notebook that can be used as a slate for young professionals to take handwritten notes in lectures and meetings.

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Sharp NetWalker PC-T1 drops QWERTY, gains handwriting recognition

Sharp have outed a new, keyboard-free version of their NetWalker PC-Z1 MID, in the shape of the touchscreen-only NetWalker PC-T1.  The Z1 was pretty much the epitome of a niche device, with its ultra-compact keyboard making it unsuitable for anything more than the occasional pecking out of emails; in its footsteps, the similarly 5-inch 1024 x 600 T1 gets an onscreen keyboard and handwriting recognition.

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Next-gen Chipsets: next-gen convergence

Even before you leave an event like Mobile World Congress 2010 you get used to people asking you what the most interesting or exciting thing you've seen at the show has been. This year, while there was no shortage of impressive hardware imminent to the market, the real promise for me was in next-gen chipsets. Texas Instruments, NVIDIA, Freescale, Marvell, Qualcomm and others had all brought their wares along to demo, and the promises - not to mention the step up from existing platforms - were flowing thick and fast. So, what sort of devices can we expect using these new chipsets?

Keep taking the Tablets

Like the charming, fey uncle your grandmother warned you against showering with, Apple's iPad has us confused. Tablets have broached the mainstream and, like CES 2010 last month, this past week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona saw several more companies show their hand. Each of the chipset companies we spoke to - Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Freescale, Marvell and others - included tablets among the target market for their ARM-based wares, and we played with various concepts, prototypes and mockups, many of which are destined for release within the next twelve months.

Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1 hands-on

While we were checking out Freescale's Smartbook Tablet reference design earlier, the team there whipped out the Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1 and asked if we wanted to play with another device based on their mobile chipsets.  It seemed rude to say no; after all, this distinctive little clamshell packs a 5-inch touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard along with its 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor.  Check out our first-impressions after the cut.

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Freescale Smartbook Tablet hands-on

Freescale were one of the first this week to announce a new tablet for CES 2010, and in their case it was a potentially sub-$200 Smartbook reference design based on their i.MX515 HD-capable chipset.  We caught up with Freescale - and the prototype - this morning; check out our first impressions after the cut, together with some hands-on video of the Smartbook tablet in action.

Video demo after the cut

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Freescale Smartbook Tablet reference revealed: $200 all-day 3G slate

The Smartbook promise is full connectivity and low price, and if Freescale can successfully sell their new Smartbook Tablet reference design to their OEM partners then it stands a good chance at delivering on both.  The 7-inch touchscreen slate has integrated WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 and optional 3G, and is powered by a Freescale i.MX515 applications chipset based on an ARM Cortex A8 CPU.  Best of all, they reckon pricing could realistically start at under $200.

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Direct Insight TRITON-TX51 squeezes Cortex A8 computer onto a SODIMM module

Just how much can you squeeze onto a SODIMM-sized module?  If you're Direct Insight, you can fit an entire 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 based computer onto there: the TRITON-TX51 uses Freescale's i.MX515 system-on-chip (SoC) as well as 128MB each of RAM and NAND flash memory, two SDIO/SD Card ports, an LCD touchscreen controller capable of driving displays at up to 1,280 x 768 resolution, plus PAL/NTSC out.

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