SlashGear Week in Review – Week 30 2009

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 30 2009

Well another week has come and gone as time steadily marches on and like every other week here on SlashGear, it has been a busy one. Poor old Toshiba took the old adage "if you can’t beat them, join them" seriously on Monday and announced that it would be launching its own Blu-ray player by the end of 2009. That had to be hard to swallow for the execs who bet it all on HD DVD only to be defeated by Blu-ray. Also on Monday the slick HP Mini 5101 netbooks tipped up starting from $399. I'm not convinced we need another netbook on the market right now personally.

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Hon Hai security official turned in after iPhone prototype suicide

The Apple/Foxconn saga continues, and after the official statement from Cupertino yesterday tipped "investigations" into the death of 25-year old Foxconn engineer Sun Danyong there are now reports that a security official working for the majority stakeholder in the manufacturer has been suspended and handed over to Chinese government authorities.  In an official statement from Foxconn, they confirmed that the Hon Hai security official - identified only by his surname, Gu - has been turned in, and that the company "welcomes public discussion" on how they might improve their management.

Apple “saddened” by Foxconn engineer suicide; waiting for investigation results

After news yesterday that a Foxconn employee in China had committed suicide after losing a valuable iPhone prototype, Apple have released a comment.  Talking to CNET, Apple spokesperson Kristin Huguet said "We are saddened by the tragic loss of this young employee, and we are awaiting results of the investigations into his death.  We require our suppliers to treat all workers with dignity and respect."

Foxconn engineer commits suicide after losing iPhone 4G prototype

A Foxconn employee in China has committed suicide, after a fourth-gen Apple iPhone prototype he was entrusted with went missing.  25 year-old Sun Danyong worked in the company's product communications department, and was responsible for shipping prototypes from Foxconn to Apple.  Having reported the missing handset, Sun's apartment was illegally searched by Foxconn employees and he was, according to unsubstantiated allegations, detained and physically abused.  On Thursday July 16th, just after 3am, he jumped from the window of his apartment.

Foxconn cite “customer confidentiality” over PS3 Slim OEM rumors

Is a "no comment" statement even more of a confirmation than a staunch denial ever could be?  That certainly seems to be the case with Foxconn, who have declined to comment on rumors that they've been picked as an OEM supplier of the much-rumored slimline PS3 by citing "customer confidentiality".

Palm Pixie launch fate depends on Pre sales

Digging through the leaked webOS ROM has confirmed that the Palm "Pixie" is in development, but that doesn't mean that the device - believed to be the Palm Eos - will actually launch any time soon.  According to TechCrunch's sources in Asia, Palm are waiting to see how Pre sales continue before green-lighting the Eos project.

After the cut, how the Pre's "complicated mechanical design" impacted availability

Foxconn SZ901 netbook with Linpus Lite Moblin V2 [Video]

Foxconn SZ901 netbook with Linpus Lite Moblin V2 [Video]

On the eve of Computex 2009, some company's just can't keep their excitement to themselves.  Foxconn have been spilling the details on their SZ901, and Sascha at caught up with the 10.1-inch netbook at the Linpus headquarters.  Under the hood there's the usual Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard-drive and, slightly more interesting, a UMTS 3G WWAN module, but it's the OS which is actually catching our attention.

Video demo after the cut

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Apple netbook to be made by Foxconn?

It wouldn't be a proper Monday without some good Apple netbook rumors, and today's tips Foxconn Electronics as shouldering ahead of rivals to win the coveted manufacturing contract.  Citing sources from the component supply chain (the makers of illuminated Apple logos, perhaps?), Chinese-language paper Commercial Times claims the much-discussed Apple netbook is not only on the roadmap but seeing bids from OEMs.

Foxconn planning Kindle 2 rival ebook reader?

Hot on the heels of the news that Barnes & Noble may be considering jumping into the eBook reader market, comes word that Foxconn may be developing their own range of digital book devices.  According to market sources, Foxconn have hired "several software technicians" to work on an ebook range.

Quanta is out, Foxconn to contract the next-gen iMac

Apple must be laughing at this so-called reliable source, Digitimes has revised its last report on Economic Daily News regarding the manufacturer behind the iMac all-in-one PC. As of today, Quanta is out of the picture, it was Foxconn who has secured a 800,000 units shipment per month contract with Jobs to build the allegedly next gen iMac to be announced at Macworld Conference next week.

So unless there are new updates next week on who makes what from which contract. Here’s the new standing : Foxconn and Catcher Technology are in bed to supply the magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis while Foxconn will seek partnership in cooling module from Auras Technology. A cooling module? Could that possible hint a change in current-fan based cooling system?

In any case, we will find out in a week there will be a new iMac or just another rumor. Just a reminder that Slashgear will be bringing MacWorld conference live coverage. Be sure to check us out at

Foxconn might be leaving branded motherboards behind

Foxconn might be leaving branded motherboards behind

A new rumor is floating around about Foxconn that we just had to share. Apparently Foxconn Electronics might be leaving the branded motherboard industry and it's interesting to think about what that could mean.

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Foxconn launches two sub-$100 DX10 cards

If you're looking to get your hands on a sub-$100 DirectX 10 card, Foxconn has got you covered.

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