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Plug-In Car MP4 Player has no need for external music source

Plug-In Car MP4 Player has no need for external music source

China seems to get all of the seemingly unneeded devices whether they are good or bad. The latest to come to our attention is "an ultra portable car media player with FM transmitter function." The Plug-in Car MP4 Player is anything but ordinary with the 4GB built-in memory.

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Samsung I7110 S60 smartphone with AMOLED, 3G, GPS & WiFi

Samsung I7110 S60 smartphone with AMOLED, 3G, GPS & WiFi

Samsung have announced the I7110, a 12.9mm thick smartphone running Symbian S60 with a 2.6-inch AMOLED display.  The I7110 includes both 3G HSDPA (900/2100MHz) and quadband GSM/EDGE, together with WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and GPS.  There's also a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, smile-shot, blink-shot and an LED flash, with a secondary camera up front for video calls.

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FM Radio fits right in with the bathroom sink

FM Radio fits right in with the bathroom sink

If you're a gadget lover and like to sing while washing your hands, while in the shower or what have you, you'll love this FM Tap radio. Yes, it's a radio that looks like a water faucet and can actually mount on your bathroom counter.

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Garmin nuvi 880 GPS gets massive $1k pre-order tag

Amazon have announced pre-order pricing for the Garmin nuvi 880 in-car GPS unit, and seeing as it's the new flagship of the company's range they've tagged it accordingly.  $999 gets you automatic speech recognition (ASR), Bluetooth, text-to-speech, built-in traffic updates via an MSN Direct receiver and a 4.3-inch screen. 

Check out the demo video of the nuvi 880 after the cut

Touchscreen 40GB Eee hack on eBay for crazy $3,200

Could you ever bring yourself to spend more on a ASUS Eee than the price of a new MacBook Air, Lenovo X300 or Sony VAIO TZ?  Currently up on eBay for a whopping $3,200 (or open to bids from $2,800), this uber-Eee takes an innocent new 8GB model and adds a built-in 32GB Patriot XT drive, a touchscreen and updated WiFi card supporting A/B/G/N.  There's even an FM transmitter, to play audio through a car radio, and the overclocked ultraportable is running Windows XP SP3 with 2GB of RAM.

CES 2008: Monster iCarPlay 250 iPod FM transmitter

Some big boasts from Monster at CES 2008, who are calling their iCarPlay 250 the "world's most advanced" iPod FM transmitter.  Featuring a low-profile control unit with blue LCD display, three channel preset buttons and autoscan, the iCarPlay 250 trawls the FM spectrum not once but three times before selecting the clearest frequency; it can also adjust the power output on individual frequencies which will apparently ensure maximum clarity and strength.


Acelabs S3 PMP

Every time I see the abbreviation for Personal Media Player I want to stick an “I” in there, anyways, this latest PMP from Acelabs is pretty bad ass. Its called the S3 and starts with a 2.8 inch QVGA screen that can show up to 260k colors.

On top of that there is an FM radio, voice recorder, and an FM transmitter, so no extra hardware required when you use it in your car, well, maybe a car charger. It’ll work for 15 hours on sound alone or 4 hours for video playback.

New Zune Car Package

Well it looks like Microsoft is at it again with the whole not letting anyone else touch the dock connector thing. As such they have released a new FM transmitter for the new Zunes that are coming in November.

The new FM transmitter can find the optimum stations (for example those without other stations broadcasting on them) automatically so you get the best audio playback through this device. There is also a grip pad so everything isn’t sliding around all willy nilly.

Kensington LiquidFM Transmitter and Contour Active Cases

The first, the LiquidFM transmitter is designed to work with mp3 players, specifically the iPod. It has the standard headphone jack connector, but there is also an in-line USB port for charging while you listen to your tunes.

The LiquidFM transmitter also utilizes Kensington’s ClearFM technology so it can output high quality sound even over the FM radio. It also has QuickSeek and RDS which helps decrease the time it takes to find a clear station and the RDS tech displays track info on compatible head units.

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