Flash Drive

The floral SanDisk Cruzer Patter USB Drive

Not everyone has 15 different flash drives just lying on their desk at any given moment. Just waiting to be swooped up and actually used for something. In some parts of the world, people only have a couple or even less.

Sony Memory Stick Micro 8GB finally arrives

Sony have announced their largest capacity Memory Stick Micro card yet, offering 8GB of storage on the frankly tiny chip.  The M2 card doubles the previous maximum storage, meaning mobile users (the format is common in Sony Ericsson cellphones) can store over 2000 128kbps MP3s or over 5,000 5-megapixel photos.

Samsung profits up 37% from buoyant LCD and cellphone sales

Samsung has announced its financial performance figures for the past quarter, and it's been a healthy three months for the Korean company. Beating analyst forecasts, profit rose 37-percent, with the well-performing LCD and mobile communications arms of the company coming to the rescue of the ailing DRAM flash memory business. For the past five quarters DRAM has dropped in price, to just 90-percent of their initial value; Samsung and analysts alike now expect the division to turn the corner by the end of the next quarter.

Iomega Xporter external hard drive – for Xferring media from your computer to your Xbox 360 and PS3

If you don’t already have a large flash drive or an external hard drive for the purpose of playing the media from your computer on your game systems, then this wouldn’t be a bad purchase. It looks good, can pack up to 160GB on its tiny 2.5” disk, and it will fit in your pocket.

Ci70 keyboard from Kensington – adds more ports

This new keyboard from Kensington offers up a profile so thin its almost Mac worthy, except for the back area, but that’s where the magic happens. There is a small, short, hidden mini USB connector/cable hidden under a sliding door.

ViewSonic Digital Picture Frames – they have interchangeable bezels!

ViewSonic has long been one of the best LCD manufacturers on the market, so it’s not surprise that they eventually decided to give the whole digital picture frame thing a go, and now they have. They have new 7, 8, and 10 inch models that are available just in time for Mother’s Day.

Brando Ultra-Smart Cable – USB charger/microSD card reader

This amazing little device from Brando solves so many problems. First it’s compact, and made to go on a keychain. Then it has a microSD card reader so you can change what’s on your cell phone’s card.

Buffalo’s latest LinkStation fits in the palm of your hand – called the LinkStation Mini

Buffalo has done it again expanding their LinkStation NAS line with a new smaller model. The LinkStation mini uses a pair of those 500GB 2.5” notebook drives that everyone’s been cranking out to make an NAS that you can carry around with you.

Lady Attaché flash drive from PNY – even Paris would say “That’s Hot!”

This new flash drive from PNY doesn’t have any special technical features, it packs in your choice of two or four gigabytes of storage and is built in such a way that when closed the USB port is protected. What it does have is a bit of fashionable appeal attached to it due to its design, shape, and color allowing it to be an attractive storage option to all the ladies out there who prefer attractive gadgets.

Stealth MXP by MXI Security now offered in 8GB capacities

It’s not so much the hardware of this thumb drive that would interest prospective buyers, but more the software. Although the security provided by the integrated fingerprint reader is a dandy added bonus to all the software security you get.

Nike+ Sportsband – now all profits going to Nike, screws Apple

With the Nike+ iPod product line you had to buy the Nike Trainers, the Nike+ iPod kit, and an iPod Nano, which was helping Apple make some dough. With this latest product Nike has cut out Apple completely making everything the previous Nike+ kit did possible, except for the music, without the iPod.

Instead the system uses a wrist band that communicates with the sensor that goes in your Nike Trainers and stores the data on its flash storage. The band then comes apart to reveal a USB interface which you can use to transfer up to 16 hours of workout data to your computer or upload and share it with the online community at Nikeplus.com.

USB Memory Bomb – “They Set Us up The Bomb!”

Sure, there aren’t actually any bombs shaped like this, but it’s a homage back to the good old days of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Road Runner. Wil E. Coyote should be on the package and “A.C.M.E.” printed on the side just for effect.

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