Fitbit for Windows Phone released

Fitbit for Windows Phone has launched, bringing support for the popular fitness tracker to Microsoft's smartphone platform. The new software not only acts as a companion for synchronizing wearables like the Fitbit Flex, but can also do basic step tracking in its own right, with some tweaks to take advantage of Windows Phone's UI.

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FitBit update brings better tracking of activity and calories

Fitbit has released an update to their service today, adding the ability to keep closer tabs on yourself at just bout every turn. A new fitness tracker aims to be a little more proactive, and some new food logging features might get you to watch your diet a little closer. The two updates also work in tandem to give you feedback on how to attain a healthier lifestyle.

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Fitbit for Windows Phone 8.1 confirmed

Fitbit is cooking up a Windows Phone 8.1 app, the wearable health band company has confirmed, bringing support for the popular tracker to Microsoft's smartphone platform. News of the app was confirmed by Fitbit on the company's official product forums, after would-be users were vocal in their demands for a version.

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Fitbit, Pebble dominate wearables in Q1 2014

In a crowded wearable market, Fitbit reigns supreme. In Q1 2014, research firm Canalys says Fitbit occupied 50% of overall shipments, leaving the rest of the market searching for a foothold. When it came to smartwatches, though, another tried-and-true leader in Pebble is outshining the rest.

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IFTTT expands to Fitbit Channel functionality

There’s a brand new channel on IFTTT this week (If This Then That) which enables functionality with the Fitbit family of devices. Fitness trackers are being distributed to the world in full force as the predominant "wearable" device in our modern smart technology-loving world. As such, IFTTT is ready to jump aboard this ship and make with the programming.

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Fitbit recalls Force over skin irritation complaints

Fitbit is halting sales of its Force flagship fitness tracker, and recalling all existing units already on users' wrists, after a spate of skin irritation issues. The issue - which saw some Force wearers reporting what appeared to be allergic reactions to the silicone band, leaving their wrists red and inflamed where it had come into contact with their skin - only affects "a small percentage of Force users" Fitbit said in a statement, but will still offer a full refund to any existing owners who want to return the wearable.

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