HTC HD2 update fixes camera distortion issue

HTC have pushed out an update which is intended to address the pink blob problem experience by some HTC HD2 owners.  Described as "Digital Picture Enhancement", the new firmware aims to remove the patch of pink-hued distortion some users have found in the center of photos taken with the HD2's 5-megapixel autofocus camera.

Verizon pushing out OTA HTC DROID Eris update

Did you wake up this morning to a firmware update?  Owners of the HTC DROID Eris on Verizon may have, since the carrier has begun OTA distribution of the 1.16.605.1 ROM [PDF link].  While we'd love to see Android 2.0 on the cards, unfortunately this is more a bug fix and feature fettle release, including such niceties as better switching between 1x and 3G networks.

Sony Ericsson Satio update R1CA037 released to salve touchscreen issues

Sony Ericsson have released a firmware update for the Satio smartphone, recently pulled from some store shelves over misbehaving touchscreen issues.  Software version R1CA037 apparently addresses the non-responsive touchscreen problem, together with freezing during media playback, poor speaker performance and camera glitches.

Verizon OTA fix coming to address DROID photography woes

The Motorola DROID's bizarre date-related camera bug will apparently be addressed "within the coming weeks" according to Verizon, who are promising an over-the-air (OTA) firmware update that will prevent the cyclical "bad autofocus" issue from reoccurring.  The new software will also improve voice call quality, something the DROID didn't have too much difficulty with in the first place.

HTC HD2 1.48 WWE firmware gets video demo: speedier and more stable

HTC HD2 1.48 WWE firmware gets video demo: speedier and more stable

When it came to bugs and glitches, our experience with the HTC HD2 was generally uninterrupted; a few on-screen keyboard slow-downs were pretty much all we observed.  Still, other users have reported more significant issues, and so HTC have pushed out a new firmware version for the smartphone, build 1.48 WWE, which attempts to address the problems.  Xmoo - who happens to have two HD2's - put together a quick comparison video highlighting the improvements.

Video comparison after the cut

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Intel X25-M and X18-M SSDs get TRIM fix

Intel X25-M and X18-M SSDs get TRIM fix

Users of the Intel X25-M and X18-M SSDs were not happy when they learned that the firmware update that promised to increase write speeds actually killed Windows 7 installations. Intel removed the firmware update that added support for TRIM shortly after the reports started coming in of the Windows 7 issue.

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webOS 1.3.2 speeds up Palm Pixi; 1.3.5 imminent

webOS 1.3.2 speeds up Palm Pixi; 1.3.5 imminent

A sprinkling of webOS news this morning, as both a new update gets pushed out to Palm Pixi owners and a future update is tipped.  Palm Pixi owners are reporting that webOS 1.3.2 is being pushed to their handsets, though there's still no sign on Palm's Pixi software page, and while we're lacking an official changelog the new firmware is tipped to speed up how the smartphone handles multiple open applications.

As for the rumored future update, that's believed to be webOS 1.3.5 and expected to arrive in mid-December.  The news was revealed by a loose-lipped O2 Germany rep, apparently, who explained that one of 1.3.5's tweaks will be to fix an SMS bug that roughly halves the character limit after a special letter is entered.

Sony Walkman X firmware update v1.10 boosts browser

Sony have outed a new firmware release for their Walkman X PMP, and the headline feature is an improved browsing experience.  The new software tweaks the NetFront browser into rendering pages faster, maintaining layouts more like what you'd see on a desktop, and boosting scrolling speeds.

Apple TV 3.0 tipped in new iTunes T&Cs

An upcoming update to the Apple TV has been tipped by a change in Terms & Conditions for the iTunes Store.  The new agreement - which is shown as of today - lists that "you can now use iTunes LPs and iTunes extras on Apple TV with software version 3.0 or higher"; however Apple are yet to release version 3.0 for their set-top box.

Intel X25-M SSD update yanked over Windows 7 flaw

Intel have yanked their recent X25-M SSD firmware update, after users reported the new software killed Windows 7 installations.  The update introduced TRIM support to the solid-state drives, together with boosting sequential write performance by up to 40-percent; however, some Intel support forum users have discovered that after rebooting their Windows 7 machine the new OS will no longer load.

Intel X25-M SSD firmware update boosts write speeds 40%

Intel have pushed out their promised update to the X25-M SSD, along with the Intel SSD Toolbox and Optimizer, the standout factor of which is a 40-percent increase in performance for the 160GB drive.  With the new 34nm X25-M SSD, users can expect up to 100MB per second sequential write speeds.

BlackBerry Storm OS 5.0 firmware officially released

The long-awaited firmware update for the original Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 has arrived, and OS 5.0 brings with it the promise of greater stability, new flick-gestures in the Storm's browser, and other usability tweaks.  Early user feedback suggests that the new software makes the Storm a whole lot more usable, with noticeably reduced delay between application changes.