Firefox screen mirroring in the works: still an experiment

With the likes of Google's Chromecast selling of shelves for lack of a reason not to drop a few bucks on the concept, iterations of the idea like Mozilla's upcoming second-screen support for Firefox are popping up left and right. What we're seeing here is a very small and early version of what may be coming from Firefox web browsers in the future - the show you're seeing put on here comes from Mark Finkle of Mozilla, mirroring a Firefox web browser window on an Android device to a Roku on his large-screen TV.

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Firefox goes touch-friendly for Windows 8

Mozilla has recently put out a call for those willing and able to test a preview build of Firefox. This build is designed for Windows 8 tablets and is touch-friendly and sporting what is described as being a tile-based Firefox Start Experience. And in addition, this build of Firefox is offering support for Windows 8 touch and swipe gestures as well as Snapped and Fill views.

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Tor browser malware appears loaded by FBI to identify users

This week the folks out there looking to be entirely anonymous (not to be mistaken for the Anonymous hacker collective) have been greeted by a message through the Tor web browser. Tor is a fork of Firefox - based in Firefox's code, recreated as a web browser here to allow entirely anonymous web browsing. According to reports, the malware in question exploits a bug present in Firefox 17 ESR, the same build on which Tor is based, allowing - through "Freedom Hosting" webpages specifically - a payload to be delivered which ultimately sends the location of the user to a 3rd party.

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This message will self-destruct: OTR plugin brings Snapchat fuctionality to browsers

Like something out of an Inspector Gadget cartoon, a new plugin for browsers called OTR allows users to send messages to other users that will self-destruct a few seconds after they are read, (hopefully) disappearing forever. The plugin was launched today by Lamplighter Games, a company run by two brothers who wanted to bring Snapchat-like functionality to Web browsers. We've got a demo of it in action after the jump.

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Fake Firefox spreads spyware as makers Mozilla retort

Mozilla has sent out a cease-and-desist letter to Gamma International, who has been disguising commercial malware as Mozilla's Firefox web browser. Gamma's software uses Mozilla's trademarks and brand to mislead consumers into thinking its product is affiliated with the company. In the properties of the fake Firefox browser, all of the information, including version number, copyright, trademark claims, and more are exactly the same as the genuine Firefox browser.

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Firefox OS developer phones sell out in matter of hours

Yesterday, Mozilla announced that a retailer by the name of Geeksphone would begin selling the first Firefox OS developer phones today, and true to its word, not only did Geeksphone put the phones up on sale, it managed to sell out its entire available supply within a matter of hours. Previously, Mozilla stated that it was going to sell and ship the phones in February, but it wasn't able to keep its promise.

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