Windows Mobile 6.1 Officially Official – new shiny Vista-like goodness for everyone

Windows Mobile 6.1 Officially Official – new shiny Vista-like goodness for everyone

Windows Mobile 6.1 has lots of new features, let’s start with the new version of Internet Explorer that comes with the bundle and offers up the ability to view full-sized web pages and even multimedia on the web pages. The browser has technologies from IE6 built in alongside support for H.264, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Silverlight.

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Grand Theft Auto IV coming to your Nintendo DS

According to this document that is supposedly from a game retailer the Rockstar Games’ upcoming All-Star is coming to a DS near you for some hardcore stylus action. I honestly have no idea what they are thinking bringing such a game to that handheld, but if Rockstar is at all involved in the port it should remain as epic as you remember the games.

Sony PS3 getting a new 80GB system?

Judging from these tags from the FCC Sony is going to be pushing out a new 80GB model. It will feature a slightly repositioned Bluetooth module, a reverse F antenna for the same, and the 80GB HDD. The model number will remove the “A” from the original 60GB’s model number of CECHA01 and will replace it with an E making it CECHE01.

Archos e-comp@gnon WiFi Communicator – someone got Champagne and Companion mixed up

The press release is in French, so I suppose I could give them a break on the spelling. The deal is they are trying to create a companion to a regular cell phone. It would offer up a lot of the web capabilities of a normal cell phone, but on a larger screen, over WiFi, and with a full keyboard.

Dash Express Reviewed

If you don’t remember the Dash, it’s the new GPS unit that was co-developed with OpenMoko, and actually utilizes the OpenMoko Platform. It has WiFi and GPRS built in that allow it to do all sorts of cool things including search Yahoo on the fly for points of interest or upload, wirelessly, addresses, POIs, or even geological RSS feed, KML lists, things of that nature.

Sanyo PLC-XW60 – Industry’s Smallest and Lightest XGA LCD Projector

This projector has an XGA LCD inside, a new, smaller bulb and a nice light and compact size. Its 10.4x2.17x7.4 inches in size and weighs a mere 3.6 pounds, meaning your laptop likely outweighs this projector.

BlackLine GPS Blip – Buddy Beacon for your GPS-enabled BlackBerry

BlackLine, the makers of the Snitch that I told you about not too long ago, are releasing a new product. It works on your GPS-enabled BlackBerries and allows you to let friends, family, and/or employers know where you are.

Onda VX767 4.3-inch PMP – like iPod Touch, but with microSD

This player has a 4.3-inch, 16:9, 480x272 resolution screen on it. It has a 400MHz processor, and some pretty amazing other features.

MIU HDPC – tries for James Bond, hits somewhere around The Tick

Hardware wise this thing is amazing featuring a VIA C7M ULV CPU running at 1GHz, 4GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and your choice of a 60GB HDD or a 4GB SSD. Where it starts to fail is in respect to design, I guess what I’m trying to say here is that it’s ugly.

SlashGear Review – Ultra Products m998 Mid-Tower ATX Case

Last week I received an Ultra Products m998 Mid-Tower ATX Case for review. I love new PC cases, and have never used one from Ultra before, so I was excited to test it out. Before getting into the review, I'd like to mention that I am almost obsessive about my cable management (a couple of years as a networking admin will do that to you). So I generally take my sweet time and try to find creative ways to position the cables neatly out of the way without the use of such semi-permanent tools like zip ties. Enough about me though, on to the review!

Philips AJL308 – now the big dogs are in the Digital Picture Frame market

Digital Picture Frames were a dream, and a dumb one. This one isn’t much different other than its slightly more attractive, and will probably last marginally longer than some knockoff branded one.

Play iBoxer – hawt

These boxers are available for men and women and their biggest feature is that they have a pouch for your iPod. My only question is when will you be wondering around in your boxers wondering where you are going to put your iPod.

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