SlashGear Week In Review – 03/30/08 – 04/05/08

Well, a lot has happened this past week and this is just a little recap for those of you that aren’t big fans of back reading through pages of articles. I highly recommend you at least skim through and make sure there isn’t something really interesting that you missed, but here’s a brief overview.

Collusion ban ends – now we find out what’s going to happen with that 700MHz spectrum

Verizon got most of C-Block and have admitted they intent to use it for their 4th generation LTE network, which will replace their 3G EV-DO Rev. A network. ATT has said that it will also be using most of the spectrum it acquired for an LTE network, but whereas Verizon is touting a full launch date of 2010, ATT is calling out 2012, however ATT also intends on upgrading their HSDPA network to 7.2Mbps to hold their customers over.

Olive Media OPUS No4 Home Music Server – an interior decorator’s dream

I can only imagine how many times someone has been designing the interior of a high end house, ran across the list of requirements, saw music server, and immediately started thinking of ways/places to hide it away in. Well, with this unit you won’t have to or want to hide it away as it’s actually quite attractive and is more functional when out in the open where you can use the touchscreen which appears to feature some sort of CoverFlow-like browsing system.

New Intel Classmate PC

In competition with the OLPC project, Intel is finally going to start selling their notebook for prices ranging from $300 to $500. Some of the newer models will have fewer features and thus require less power, but they are also pushing out models with both a 7 and a 9 inch screen, a 30GB HDD and a webcam.

Internet Explorer Mobile 6.1 – hands on from CTIA

Yesterday we gave a slight mention of the new browser for their mobile OS, but we feel we need to make separate mention of it since it’s being released as a separate product almost and received almost as many updates as the whole rest of the OS. So, it netted H.264, Flash, and Silverlight support.

Sprint Instinct – when backed into a corner Sprint unleashes their primal Instincts

The Instinct is a device that Sprint partnered with Samsung to come up with. It has a 3.1-inch touchscreen with haptic feedback and there are also three hard keys below the screen, one for home, one for back, and one for phone functionality.

The phone has EV-DO Rev. A, GPS, and a Sprint/Samsung customized UI for near iPhone-like ease of use. There are other iPhone similarities including the Sprint Music Store, Navigation, TV, Visual Voicemail and a full HTML web browser, all of which, save for the a la carte music downloads, included in Sprint’s new Simply Everything $100 a month plan.

The home screen is customizable, kind of like the iPhone, it also has Bluetooth, with audible caller ID, expandable memory up to 8GB, a 2MP camera/camcorder, voice activated functions galore, threaded text messages, Mobile Sync, and the ability to operate as a modem. The dimensions of the device are a slim 2.17x4.57x.49 inches with a weight of 4.4 ounces, it also has a Li-Ion battery that provides up to 5.75 hours of continuous talk time. More pics after the jump!

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