He Said, She Said: Fashionable Netbook or second-hand Laptop?

Last week's "He Said, She Said" editorial pitted Brenda and I against each other discussing what sort of touchscreen device Apple might have on their cards.  This week, it's something equally as topical here on the frontpage of SlashGear: netbooks, or budget ultraportables.  They're the niche of the moment, certainly, but are consumers really getting the best value for their hard-earned dollar?

Wrath of the Lich King Beta invitation arrives!

Since it was announced earlier in the month that the beta keys were being emailed out for Wrath of the Lich King, I've been pretty much checking my email non-stop. Well last night I finally saw the email I was looking for. That's right, we can now bring you firsthand details of the beta.

SlashGear Review – NZXT Sentry LX

When you're overclocking, or even just have a higher-end gaming rig, you probably like to know just how hot things are getting inside your case. More so with overclocking, as you tend to run the risk of pushing your components a little to far and frying them due to the excessive heat. Usually your motherboard will come with a nice hardware monitoring utility, but I don't generally like those, as they take up valuable real estate on my desktop. Not to mention you can't always check temps during a gaming session without minimizing your screen. I prefer hardware gauges, such as the new Sentry LX from NZXT, which I have had the pleasure of using.

VTech IS6110 Instant Messenger DECT phone review

Landline phones have taken a pounding from cellphones these past few years; people expect their handsets to come packed with features, and beyond DECT digital cordless and a built-in answerphone the humble landline couldn't really compete.  Now it's either aim budget or add tech to justify your price-tag: VTech want $99.95 for their IS6110 cordless phone, and to make it worth your while they've thrown in instant messaging, a color screen and a QWERTY keyboard.  SlashGear has been doing more than the usual amount of online chatting to see whether it's enough.

Hands on with Sony’s new VAIO range

Sony invited us down to the Hilton in midtown Manhattan earlier on today to spend some hands-on time with their new 2008 VAIO lineup.  While the company could never be accused of pushing out exactly unstylish notebooks, the latest Z, FW, SR and BZ machines are particularly successful when it comes to a cohesive and stylish design language.  After the cut you can see hands-on photos and video of all four of the new models, including our personal favourite, the super-slick multimedia ultraportable VAIO Z.


What do gamers do when they camp out for an iPhone?

I, like many others lined up for the iPhone well in advance of the 8am store openings. I showed up to my local AT&T store at around midnight to find only7 other people in line. It started pouring down rain almost as soon as I pulled up, but after a little over an hour, it let up. Those of us there got to talking, and as luck would have it, they were fellow gamers. So what do you do when a bunch of gamers are stuck in one place for 8 hours? You bust out a 360 and a projector, and you game.

SlashGear Review – NZXT Performance Power 800

I spent several years working as a PC repair technician, and can't even count the number of issues people had that were attributed to their power supply. Most of the time what had happened was that they'd done some major upgrades to their hardware, and left their old puny PSU to power it all. These days if you're running a high-end gaming rig, you need some major power, which is where this new NZXT Performance Power 800 comes in.

SlashGear Review – VisionTek Radeon HD 4850

ATI's latest cards are out, and they are getting some major attention. These are supposed to be the cards that really put ATI back on the map in the GPU race. Personally I thought that the 38xx series were pretty good, however, I've got the new 4850, so we'll see how it stacks up against the previous generation.

SlashGear Review – Guitar Hero On Tour

I've been on the fence about Guitar Hero On Tour ever since it was first announced. I mean, just how much fun would Guitar Hero be without the guitar? Well I've had about a week to play with it, so I figured it was time for me to share my thoughts.

SlashGear TV Week in review Episode 1

SlashGear TV Week in review Episode 1

We hope you enjoyed the pilot episode of SlashGear TV week-in-review.  This week, we are back with episode number 1.  While we're happy with the 25-minute clip, there's still a lot of room for improvements.  That being said, please submit your feed backs as to what you liked, didn't like or want to see more of (within reasons of course).  We're striving to do our best to make each week entertaining as well as informative.

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SlashGear Review – VisionTek Radeon HD 3870 X2 Overclocked

I was impressed when I had a chance to check out VisionTek's Radeon HD 3870, as it really performed quite well. Now I've gotten ahold of its big brother, the Radeon HD 3870 X2. This card also comes from VisionTek, and is the Overclocked Edition, which promises to get a little extra power over the stock version.

SlashGear hands-on at Microsoft Surface Blogger Day 2: More Video!

If you read the first part of our Microsoft Surface Blogger Day report, you'll know that SlashGear has been hanging out with the Seattle company's nifty MultiTouch table.  You've hopefully had a chance to watch the videos of Surface in action - exploring cellphone details, playing multi-user games, exploring media and more - and, if you're anything like the rest of us, are getting more and more curious about how Microsoft plan on integrating what they've learnt from the project into Windows 7.

Multiple videos from the event after the cut!

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