Five things you don’t need in your next smartphone

Gadget bloggers tend to share a few key traits, and one of those is an inability to resist high-end hardware. Super-fast processors, hi-res screens and next generation features get our blood rising. But we sometimes get blinded by our desire for specs, and all too often we ignore the high price that these features come with. Let's take a step back and examine the need, or lack thereof, for some of the capabilities of the latest round of smartphones.

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iPhone 4’s Retina Display rallies as new eye expert weighs in

Having formed one of Steve Jobs' nine key points about the new iPhone 4 this past Monday, Apple's Retina Display technology has been making headlines again today over claims that they are "false marketing". Wired spoke to Dr. Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies, who disagreed with Apple's suggestion that Retina Display, exceeded the "300 pixels per inch" quoted for an average eye. Soneira - though agreeing that the iPhone 4's display was likely to be the best smartphone screen on the market - converted 20/12 angular resolution to the linear resolution of a display, and came up with a figure of 477 pixels per inch at 12-inches, significantly higher than the iPhone 4's 326ppi. Since there are some big claims all round here, SlashGear spoke to Dr. William H.A. Beaudot, Ph.D. of Kybervision Consulting, a visual sciences expert with 20 years experience in the research and computer vision field. Dr. Beaudot told us that part of the confusion here is from the mistaken belief that 20/20 vision is "perfect", but that even at higher limits of visual acuity, Apple's claims still hold water.

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Palm CEO talks webOS, Verizon & tablet licensing

Find yourself talking to Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein, and the furore of speculation, leaks and general rumors are bound to come up. "They've been incessant since I joined the company" Rubinstein told SlashGear today, as we talked to the chief executive about the possibilities of takeovers, webOS devices of tomorrow and how Palm has learnt from the poorly handled Verizon launch. Media-savvy, confident about his company's future and bracingly honest about Palm's shortcomings, the picture Rubinstein paints is one of a plucky little firm with an exciting product roadmap to come.

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Samsung Tocco S8300 Ultra Edition review

The Samsung Tocco is a sleek slider/touchscreen combo feature phone that packs a ton of functionality into a small form factor. It’s stylish and nice to use, and the red color will draw attention from those around you (at least it did for me). The phone was enjoyable to use, and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI was implemented nicely. Most noticeable on this phone is AMOLED display, which shines beautifully in any light, even outside.

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Samsung Instinct S30 Review

As mentioned before, the Samsung Instinct S30 is the followup to Sprint’s most popular phone from last year. Originally, the Instinct was positioned as an iPhone killer. While that never actually happened, the Instinct was a great phone in its own right; easy to use, reliable, and offering a good user experience. I mean, I use one. Sprint and Samsung released the S30 to follow up on the goodness that the first Instinct brought them. While there are only a few differences between the previous generation and the S30, the new model fills a crucial role for Sprint, especially with the imminent release of the Palm Pre.

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Samsung Instinct S30 Unboxing

Officially announced at CTIA in March, the Samsung Instinct S30 was released for the public yesterday. We were sent a phone to test out, and we thought you'd like to see the unboxing and first impressions of it. You know you love seeing shiny new gadgets unwrapped.

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HTC Touch Pro2 hands-on: Gallery and Video

In the second of our HTC Touch hands-on pieces, we're looking at the HTC Touch Pro2.  SlashGear met up with HTC's Dave Catt and Eric Lin at Mobile World Congress today, to find out exactly what makes this QWERTY flagship so impressive.  After the cut, the fruits of our interview, a huge hands-on gallery and, as soon as it's processed, live video of the HTC Touch Pro2.

Update: Video now added - and in HD!

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HTC Touch Diamond2 hands-on: Gallery and Video

At a Mobile World Congress where headline-devices have been relatively sparse, HTC have done themselves proud with not only their second Android device, the HTC Magic, but two new Windows Mobile handsets that already look to be best of breed.  SlashGear sat down with HTC's Dave Catt and Eric Lin to discuss both the Touch Diamond2 and the Touch Pro2; in the first of two articles, we have hands-on feedback and a huge image gallery of the HTC Touch Diamond2, plus a video.

Update: Video now added - in HD!

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ASUS Eee Top ET1602 Touchscreen Nettop Review

At first glance, ASUS' Eee Top ET1602 is the epitome of a niche product.  Packing nettop-spec hardware in an all-in-one form factor, with a touchscreen and general design that seem to have stopped by HP's TouchSmart and the Apple iMac along the way, it's certainly tough to pin down.  Innovative new segment or just another Eee oddity: SlashGear set to finding out.

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Palm and the Treo Pro: my farewell to you

Palm finally came clean on the Treo Pro smartphone this week, after a variety of leaks and PR blunders tipped customers and media alike to the handset's existence. Running Windows Mobile 6.1, Palm describe the Treo Pro as "innovative and elegant" and are quick to cash in on the company heritage. Strip away the PR hyperbole, however, and it's questionable what you're left with. Far from innovative and 133g of cheap-looking plastic away from elegant, lined up against rivals this "new" Treo looks shabby before its even out of the gate.

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He Said, She Said: Fashionable Netbook or second-hand Laptop?

Last week's "He Said, She Said" editorial pitted Brenda and I against each other discussing what sort of touchscreen device Apple might have on their cards.  This week, it's something equally as topical here on the frontpage of SlashGear: netbooks, or budget ultraportables.  They're the niche of the moment, certainly, but are consumers really getting the best value for their hard-earned dollar?

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