Chloe Dao designs a handbag around mobile technology

I have a purse, or at least I call it one, in all honesty it's technically a tote bag. I have upgraded to that due to the overabundance of gadgets that I have the tendency to carry around. Many women have the same dilemma, Choe Dao has created a technology handbag just for that reason.

Juicy Couture Laptop Cases feature bright Spring colors

If you're going crazy waiting for the flowers to pop up and add a bit of color to the seemingly brown and gray landscape, you might try snagging a colorful laptop bag to tide you over. This Juicy Couture bag is perfect to remind you of the warm months to come.

Van Der Led WM2 Cellphone Watch – seriously, who is this Van Der Led guy?

So first it was those new notebooks I told you about the other day, the Jisus ones, and now the guy is cranking out a very fashionable cell phone watch. The WM2 is due out on April 14th and boasts a 1.3-inch 260k color touchscreen.

MobiBlue Cube 3 – even smaller-er

This is the successor to the Cube 2 and will hopefully have a better user interface as that was one of CNet’s main complaints of the Cube 2. It still has the OLED screen, FM Tuner, and 2GB of storage space.

This player also has support for MP3 and WMA formats which makes it PlaysForSure compatible. Other than the relatively low storage capacity, possibly difficult to navigate UI, there is the $99 price that you’ll have to get over.

Lady Attaché flash drive from PNY – even Paris would say “That’s Hot!”

This new flash drive from PNY doesn’t have any special technical features, it packs in your choice of two or four gigabytes of storage and is built in such a way that when closed the USB port is protected. What it does have is a bit of fashionable appeal attached to it due to its design, shape, and color allowing it to be an attractive storage option to all the ladies out there who prefer attractive gadgets.

Splashpower belly up – another great possibility gone

Splashpower, one of the many companies striving to bring us all wireless charging in our gadgets, has sadly had to end its run. It never even really produced an actual product, but they did do a lot of research and development which hopefully someone will pick up the pieces from.

Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset reviewed

So while Vincent was at CTIA he managed to pick up one Plantronics’ latest headsets, the fashionable Discovery 925 that we wrote about earlier this week. Not only did we get his review of the product, some more shots, and even a video review, but we got some more info too.

Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset – for the fashion conscious talkers

News Flash! Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset: Video Review - PHONE Magazine

Featuring Plantronics’ AudioIQ technology for clear calls, their VFrame structure, and an overall design more reminiscent of a piece of jewelry than that of a Bluetooth headset, this thing looks amazing. Even better yet, the little case that comes with it, isn’t just a case.

The Zelda Corset offers a bit of geeky sex appeal

Not all geek girls like to show their geeky colors by wearing all sorts of gaming and tech inspired fashion, however, it is fun from time to time. This Zelda corset is definitely one way to show your pride in one of the classic games we all know and love.

UK girls create disappearing nail polish

Anyone who grew up in a school with uniforms and harsh restrictions might find this product intriguing. I myself went to catholic school until Jr. High, luckily I escaped the evil nuns after that or I'd have spent my teen years in gray plaid skirts. Which anyone that knows me these days knows that me in that little color is not going to happen. I'd have spent my days in detention, pushing the rules. However, a few girls in the UK decided to be smart about their pushing of the rules.

Nihon Uni releases a stab-proof T-shirt

Anyone who read or watched The Lord of the Rings might have found themselves envious of Frodo's Mithril shirt that successfully protected him from a stab wound, might be excited to know they could be able to snag the real life version. Yet another example of science catching up with fantasy, the company Nihon Uni has created a shirt that will protect against stab wounds.

Prestigio Data Safe II – it looks pretty, but how does it work?

Its an external hard drive that is covered in leather. That means that no one that is a card carrying member of PETA or any Vegan organizations are going to be carrying one.