Plastic People’s pretty pink laptop bag

Valentines day has all kinds of pink and red things popping up, some are cute, others make me want to throw up a little. This cute little bag falls somewhere in between, although I suspect if it had popped up a month later I'd be saying something a bit different.

This big laptop bag is made for anyone that enjoys carrying around half their makeup bag and want to touch up a lot. It features a cute little heart shaped mirror and a matching makeup bag. It also has a removable laptop sleeve that attaches with Velcro.

CASULO room in a box

I’ve seen Home Theater’s in a box, I’ve even seen small houses that came packaged in large boxes, but I’ve never seen all of the furniture for a bedroom packaged in one box before. There is a pair of designers that have done it though.

Adidas Halo kicks help you re-up your shoe game and add to your gamer cred at the same time

Are you a hardcore Halo fan? Maybe you just like shoes a lot and seem them as a sort of art form? Regardless, Adidas has something both crowds will like, a limited edition run of Halo, that’s right, the video game, shoes.

Blaklader Kilt for those gadget freaks

If you fancy clothing with plenty of pockets and pouches to put your tools and gadgets in, Blaklader has your back, or rather your arse covered. This kilt is initially designed for the working Scotsman with pouches for hammers, nails, screws, things of that nature, so essentially it’s a wearable utility belt.

Gilty Couture iPod cases add a lot of bling to your iPod for not a lot of dough

The cases are gold or silver plate, the crystals are swarovski, and the combination of the two looks both classy and fashionable. There isn’t an overabundance of crystals, they aren’t in places where they really don’t belong, and it’s a perfect balance.

Pink computer doesn’t even donate to breast cancer, is just ugly for no reason

Maybe it’s the shade or hue of pink that it is, but I feel the gag reflex going to work every time I look at it. Get this, the url you go to, to buy one of these,, that’s hilarious to me.

The Portal Weighted Companion Cube Dangler and Necklace

I have no idea how it happened but it seems all of my posts today have been over products that are either pink or adorned with hearts. I swear I haven't gone mad over Valentine's Day, it just turned out that way I suppose. Well straight from Etsy comes the Weighted Companion Cube Dangler as well as the necklace.

Incase sells laptop sleaves in a pretty pink

Sometimes even the most simple cases need a burst of color to make your day a little brighter. There's something about a simple case shining in your favorite color that makes it okay that you're toting around your laptop when you'd rather be relaxing someplace warmer.

Persida Lapsac laptop bag

Any woman who tends to enjoy carrying around half of everything she owns in her purse might need a bigger laptop bag as well. This laptop bag can be used as more of a day to day bag, while still looking casual. In the picture shown by itself, it doesn't seem to be that large of a bag. Yet when shown on the arm of the model, it is quite obvious it could hold enough to keep any pack rat happy.

Gothic webcam urges me to cut myself

Emo is not a word! But if it were, this would probably be the epitome of it. I mean, there are skulls, bones, snakes, and rocks.

Holster Bags from Skin Graft

I have in the past made fun of some of the holster designs meant to house gadgets and other random things. Frankly, they tend to come off extremely geeky, and not in the cool way. In more of the pocket protector kind of way. However, these new designs from Skin Graft have a bit of the rocker look to them to balance out the geeky look.

A cuddly Mario Scarf

This scarf is for all the girl gamers who feel like they don't get enough cute gamer gear. Straight from Etsy as usual, this little scarf gives a feminine twist to the classic Mario mushroom. Besides that it looks like something I'd want to curl up with. That is, if it were slightly larger, like a blanket.