Play iBoxer – hawt

These boxers are available for men and women and their biggest feature is that they have a pouch for your iPod. My only question is when will you be wondering around in your boxers wondering where you are going to put your iPod.

Asus Eee PC 8.9-inch model – upgrades are abound

Some of the things on that list are obviously the larger screen, but there is also the option of hard drives, an upgrade to up to 12GB of flash storage (still means my iPod Touch bests the Eee in storage and almost processing power), and they are getting an Intel upgrade to their Diamondville platform. They are also going to be cranking out some more colors and some more stylish appearances.

iBlaze iPod Intelligent Bag – it can control your iPod, and your brain

Well, maybe not your brain, but it does have integrated iPod controls. It also has integrated retractable headphones, so no more tangled headphones, and putting everything up once you arrive in class is as simple as hitting pause and giving the earbuds a tug so they retract.

Belkin Conserve saves power and prevents surges from damaging your electronics

There are a total of 8 outlets on this surge protector. The two that aren’t included in the outlined box are the only two “always-on” outlets on the strip.

Laptop Hideaway from Belkin – nice for home users of notebooks

Basically this is a somewhat rigid bag that doesn’t close, but it holds your laptop, accessories, and power cords and keeps them out of the way without looking obscene. It would go perfect next to your bed, recliner, wherever you are usually laptoping.

FlyWire by Belkin – another wireless HD streaming contender

It seems like this is the year for wireless HD streaming, and Belkin is throwing their hat in the ring with everyone else. One thing this device has going for it that not very many other wireless HD streamers I’ve seen have is it look fashionable, instead of like something you’d want to hid out of sight.

Crocs creates cellphone cases for Europe

I'm sure by now everyone has seen proof of or joined in on the craze over the Croc shoes. I have only once been tempted to buy the rubber garden shoes, and that was because they looked like ballet slippers. Luckily I was broke so I will never have the shame of having owned a pair of garden shoes, because that's exactly what they are. Well if you are grumbling over my distaste with the Crocs, then you might be happy to know that Crocs are coming out with a cellphone case.

686 Original Snow Toolbelt – doesn’t make you Batman, but close

So you can’t run Wayne enterprise or leap from tall building without fear of harm just because you are wearing this belt, but the bottle opener might come in handy. There is also a Philips and flat-head screw driver and a wrench built in.

Sumo’s durable laptop sleeves

If you're worried about your laptop sleeve not keeping your precious laptop protected, you might need a slightly more tough laptop sleeve. Well why not have one that is from a line called Sumo? I'm not really sure what a Sumo wrestler has to do with my laptop, but hey, it seems like a sturdy case.

Metro Phone is cordless and retro

It runs on the 900MHz band and is a cordless phone with such modern amenities as caller ID. Even with the current century upgrades it still manages to maintain the retro look that makes it worth its cost.

Stella McCartney’s line of computer sleeves

Laptop bags more and more are getting to look a bit more stylish. With mainstream designers creating their own lines it gives us a lot more options to choose from. Well apparently Stella McCartney has jumped on the band wagon and created three very cute laptop sleeves.

Jabra JX20 Pura made with titanium

Jabra, a long time manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets has come out with a new addition to their more fashionable line of products. The JX20 Pura has a brushed Titanium exterior and in all was designed by a former designer for B&O.