Medison Celebrity Less Of A Hoax?

Apparently Medison had a press conference in Sweden and showed off the $150 laptop. They showed off the merchandise to 10 journalists and assured them that the laptop was on its way for the much anticipated August 15th release date.

Rock out polka style!

Are you a fan of polka music? Maybe you have longed to rock out with the great tunes from Weird Al. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to find someone that will teach you the fine art of accordion. You don't really need to learn how to play an instrument, that's what video games are for.

2G iPod Shuffle Knockoff in black

2G iPod Shuffle Knockoff in black

We all know Chinese factories are very capable of producing knockoff products, but never I seen one that resemble the original all the way to the packaging details. You can actually find an iPod shuffle 2nd generation in black for only $14 in China; of course it’s the knockoff version. Aside from some misspelled word (assombled) and pricing, it’s quite hard to tell them apart between the original and knockoff.

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