Sony display module aims to make any eyewear smart

Smart glasses, while fancy and interesting, have the peculiar problem of usually being ugly, if not hard to personalize. Well, that and they could be used as instruments to invade privacy. Without giving up on the entire smart eyepiece category, Sony is trying to take a different spin on the wearable. Instead of a complete smart glass like Google Glass, Sony is developing a standalone display module instead, one that can be attached to any fashionable eyewear of your choosing and can even be used without a smartphone.

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Google, Novartis to make smart contact lenses a reality

Perhaps you thought that Google's "smart" contact lenses was simply one of the dozens of wild ideas and research projects that it's adventurous Google X arm usually undertakes, but apparently it's serious business. In fact, healthcare company Novartis licensed this technology in the hopes turning these ocular instruments into a real commercial product.

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Making VR mainstream: SMI’s eye-tracking magic hands-on

Eye-tracking tech could finally go mainstream with head-mounted displays like Oculus Rift and Sony Project Morpheus, with pupil spotting specialist SMI readying new consumer-level hardware for gaming, VR, and social networking. SensoMotoric Instruments may not be a household name, but it might be one you end up silently thanking if you've ever gotten motion-sick from using a virtual reality headset. I caught up with the company to find out how understanding eyes may be more important - and closer to the market - than you think.

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Google Glass to be the next Super Bowl spectacle

You know that a mass market launch of Google Glass is soon approaching once Google has put its well-oiled marketing machine into full gear. At the upcoming Super Bowl match scheduled next month, viewers all over will not only be able to watch the game from the literal viewpoint of a commentator but will also get an idea of what Google Glass might feel like, thanks to a partnership between Google and CBS.

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GlassUP wearable display gets new release date

We tried a prototype of the GlassUP wearable display back in March and it went up on IndieGoGo to raise crowdsourcing support in July. Since then, the eyeglasses that show users any information they want to see thanks to a built-in projector, has seen $110,000 raised. However, the wearable's release date has been pushed back from this fall to the spring of next year.

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Google Glass augmented reality gets real-time demo

We already saw augmented reality on Google Glass last month as developer Brandyn White created an augmented reality UI that uses Mirror API to display information over still images. Now White and fellow OpenGlass developer Andrew Miller have now been able to demonstrate AR in real-time. This opens the door for displaying useful info over what you see immediately in front of you, as you see it, like restaurant ratings, product reviews, and more.

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Google Glass Crystal Shopper barcode scanner poised to boost scanning app relevance

The Crystal Shopper app was created by Lance Nanek as a part of the Breaking Glass Glassware hackathon and makes it quick and easy for users to scan barcodes, compare prices, check Amazon ratings and reviews, and much more, all packed within the convenience of the Google Glass eyewear. Combined with the convenience of other wearables like the Memoto, it will be interesting to see how this affects usage rates.

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Google Glass “banned” at shareholder meeting [UPDATE: False!]

Google Glass has been facing a lot of criticism ever since the Explorer Edition was released earlier this year. Privacy concerns are the biggest issues surrounding the computerized pair of glasses, getting banned in numerous establishments already, with the most recent banning being Google's own shareholders meeting.

NOTE: Google has reached out to note that not only was Google Glass not banned from the meeting, more than one attendee wore Glass during the meeting without a problem. See below for more insight.

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