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Buffalo HD-AV500U2/SC and HD-CL500U2/SC PS3-certified 500GB hard-drives hit Japan

Remember Sony's PS3-compatible labelling for external hard-drives, which the company tipped was incoming at the Japanese Torne TV tuner launch?  The first fruits of that scheme have now been revealed, in the shape of two Buffalo drives.  The Buffalo HD-AV500U2/SC and HD-CL500U2/SC are each certified to play nicely with the new digital TV tuner, and each offer to boost PS3 storage by 500GB.

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Umazone UMA-ISO automatically mounts your DVD images

Japanese accessory manufacturer Umazone have outdone themselves with a hard-drive caddy that will likely strike a chord with anyone doing regular software installs.  The Umazone UMA-ISO looks like a regular 2.5-inch HDD drive enclosure; however it also has a small display and, on the side, a jog wheel, which can be used to flick through ISO CD and DVD images stored on the drive inside.  Once selected, plugging the UMA-ISO into a host computer is pretty much the same as dropping the original disc into a CD/DVD drive.

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Seagate FreeAgent DockStar review

Most digital libraries flourishing and ubiquitous connectivity spreading, having access to our personal data and media wherever we are is looking all the more appealing. NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices have had the ability to share via broadband for years, but most owners don't take advantage of it; into the mixture steps Seagate, whose new FreeAgent DockStar takes the company's FreeAgent Go USB hard-drive and makes remotely sharing its content incredibly easy. Obvious addition to every home network, or is there a sting in the tail? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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