Motorola MILESTONE on sale in UK now

Motorola's MILESTONE - aka the GSM DROID - is finally in stock at Expansys UK.  The retailer currently holds the exclusivity agreement for the smartphone, which means UK buyers won't be seeing the Android 2.0 device in retail stores on the highstreet any time soon.  It's priced at £449.99 ($732) unlocked, though Expansys are also happy to sell you a subsidized model with contract.

eXpansys pulls newest model of OQO off web site

The world's smallest full-featured PC is a title held by the OQO. It's a small UMPC that's been around for a few years, and OQO was due to release a follow up, the OQO Model 02+ early this year. However, due to financial troubles and other problems for the company, it looks like the OQO Model 02+ is not going to be released any time soon.

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