Epson jumps into the Linux PC market

When you hear the name EPSON, what images come to your mind? Mine, like many of you I'm sure goes to inkjet printers, or even scanners. But Linux-powered PCs? That one never crossed my mind.

Epson wins first round of lawsuit against illegal cartridge manufacturers

We all know that manufacturers make a ton of money off of ink cartridges. We know this because we fork over a lot of money for a piece of plastic, a chip and a few drops of ink. So naturally, as consumers we try to find the cheapest possible prices on said cartridges. For some, they find it cheaper to purchase their ink from manufacturers overseas. Don't expect to continue doing that for long.

Epson EMP-TW1000 HD Projector

This new and very sexy projector from Epson, named the EMP-TW1000, boasts full 1080p high definition capability, 1200 lumens, 2.1x optical zoom, hand held remote, and an amazing 12000:1 contrast ratio. Expected to launch in Japan very soon for around $3000. No word yet on when its heading to the States.

Epson goes full 1080p HD with EMP-TW 1000 projector [Via: MobileMag]

Epson Portable Printer

Print on the go with Epson. In collaboration with design firm, Industrial Facility, Epson Japan has developed a portable printer with built-in 2.5 inch LCD for previewing pictures and an IR port for printing from compatible mobile devices. Bluetooth connectivity upgrade is also an option. Currently only available in Japan.

Portable Printer With Built-In LCD [Via: Coolbuzz]

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