LeapTV video game system gets kids to move and have fun

Ask any parent and they will most likely put "playing games in front of the TV", or even with a tablet, at the bottom of their list. But what if you could get kids learn while they're playing, and keep on moving while they're playing? This is the kind of thinking that led LeapFrog, who specializes in all kinds of electronics for kids, to develop LeapTV, a video game console, you can't really call it a "box", that is designed to get kids' bodies and minds moving.

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Chromebooks replacing iPads in some LA Schools

A decision by the Los Angeles Unified School District to give students iPads for use in the classroom was widely applauded last year, bringing students technology where they otherwise might not have access to it. The LAUSD is now changing course, and will begin giving 27 area high schools the option of laptops for use.

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Osmo turns iPad into AR arena for kids

Osmo is an ecosystem of learning tools - apps and accessories - that transform the Apple iPad into a kid-friendly center for augmented reality. Two key components are a stand - holding the iPad up straight - and a mirror, allowing the iPad’s front-facing camera to work with the area in front of the tablet. From there, it’s all about the apps.

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