Thank you, Apple. You’ve outdone yourself on the Mac Pro 2013

I’m a complainer. I know it. My family knows it. And anyone who has read my repeated diatribes here on SlashGear knows it. I don’t like products that I feel could be better. And I can’t stand when companies seem to ignore the consumer’s plea for enhancements.

That’s precisely the way I felt everytime I even looked at the Mac Pro I’m writing this on now. I felt that Apple has ignored my pleas for a better desktop for years, and it seemed as if the company didn’t care. The Mac Pro was an afterthought, I believed, and there was not a single thing I could do about it.

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How Important Is Buying Used Games?

As I’ve said here before, I think that used games are an integral component in the value proposition presented to gamers. There are some people that don’t believe they should pay $60 for a game, and thus, wait a week or so for a game to launch and then head to a place like GameStop to buy a cheaper, used version.

I can understand where they’re coming from. Games are expensive. And with an economy that’s still not exactly recovering at the most rapid speed, spending a considerable amount of cash on a title just doesn’t make sense for some folks – especially when it comes time to pay the bills and ensure that the lights are on and food is on the table.

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Being a Better Tweeter

I have been using Twitter continually for about three years now. I'm not sure of the exact date, or my first tweet, because Twitter still hasn't given me the option to download my entire archive yet, though every time I check, the "Deactivate my account" option stares back at me from the bottom of the Settings page, where the archive option is supposed to appear someday. It taunts me, that deactivation option, because like all good things, Twitter occasionally makes me sick. There are days when I love it, and days when I can't stand it. There are days when I can't stand myself as a tweeter. To paraphrase a misogynist saying, show me a beautiful social network and I'll show you a guy who's tired of checking his @replies.

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Why Won’t Sony Let Us See What the PS4 Looks Like?

The next generation of console gaming is upon us. Nintendo has already launched its Wii U, Microsoft’s Xbox One will be launching sometime later this year, and Sony has revealed several details about its PlayStation 4.

But unlike its chief competitors, Sony has decided against showing off the design of its next console. The company announced the device earlier this year, talked about its specs, but wouldn’t show what it actually looked like. And when the console was recently featured in a teaser for the upcoming E3 gaming trade show, Sony once again decided against showing off the device.

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Does Tim Cook Need to Do A Better Job of Publicly Asserting Himself?

Apple CEO Tim Cook is an interesting person. He marched his way to the top of Apple’s corporate ladder through hard work and an uncommon intelligence that Steve Jobs, one of the most highly respected chief executives in history, respected. Tim Cook was able to earn the job that countless people around the globe would love to have. And he did it with grace and respect for his predecessor.

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Google+ and Glass just got the upgrade for lifelogging everything

If you're still laughing at Google+, and at Google Glass, then it might be time to stop; Google has just shown that they're its next route to digitally understanding everything about you, and it slipped that through in the guise of a simple photo gallery tool. Highlights is one of the few dozen new features Google+ gained as of I/O this past week, sifting through your auto-uploads and flagging up the best of them. Ostensibly it's a bit of a gimmick, but make no mistake: Highlights is at the core of how Google will address the Brave New World of Wearables and the torrent of data that world will involve. And by the end of it, Google is going to know you and your experiences even better than you know them yourself.

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The Gadget Inside Me

I am not entirely human. All of the parts of a human being are inside me, but I have a few extra bits as well, not so much floating around as firmly secured in place. In some spots, these nonhuman bits hold me together. In other spots... well, that's a different story.

I have a couple gadgets inside of me. One was forced on me; the other I chose. I made the choice in much the same way you'd choose a computer. I tried to future-proof myself. I chose an option that I could upgrade later. In the end, I made a decision that was not entirely rational, but rather based on passion and branding and aesthetics over performance. Like I said, just like a computer.

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Dear Apple: Where Is My Mac Pro?

As I sat here today thinking about what I should write for my latest column here on SlashGear, I was distracted. I didn’t look at the latest news, like I usually do, and I wasn’t particularly interested in anything in particular. My mind was entirely dominated by one thought: the computer I was about to write the column on.

As I write this, I’m working on a Mac Pro that I bought several years ago. At the time, the computer was state-of-the-art and capable of handling all kinds of tasks. For me, it was a perfect solution: it offered me the flexibility to run three monitors, had the power to handle some video editing, and was running OS X – an operating system, I believe, is superior to Windows.

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What Should I Stick In My Finger?

It's probably too late now, but for the last week there may have been an unusual window of opportunity in which I could have embedded something cool into the tip of my finger. I lost it recently. The tip, that is. Of my finger. It happened in a freak office chair incident at a posh hotel in New York City. That's pretty much all you need to know, except that I lost about a centimeter of finger. I mean, I found it. The fingertip, that is; but it could not be reattached. It was not stitched. It was left agape and healing of its own devices. If I'm going to stick something in there to extend the capabilities of my digit in perpetuity, now is the time. Rarely is one greeted with such an open opportunity, literally, so of course I wonder what sort of technical marvel I could implant.

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Is Google Glass Really Worth It?

Google Glass is all the talk in the wearable technology industry. The headset, which will be work as glasses and allows users to do everything from get directions to snap photos and capture video, is arguably the most exciting device to be entering the technology space.

Wearables are new to quite a few folks. Although they’ve seen (and perhaps used) pedometers or those wristbands that track their movements, the average customer has never really thought about wearing glasses that would allow for communication and all of the other features Glass boasts. And thanks to some smart marketing on Google’s part, quite a few people are now saying that they’d jump at the chance to buy Google Glass when it hits store shelves.

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One Week Without A Smartphone? Impossible

We live in a funny world, don’t we? There was a time when homes had a single phone. And when it rang, the kids in the house had to hope that mom or dad would let them talk for a while. If the phone rang too late, it meant one of two things: something was wrong, or one of the kids had a friend calling at an inappropriate time.

Soon, things changed, and homes had more telephones, providing a bit more leeway in the way communication was handled. It wasn’t until the introduction of the mobile phone that dramatically changed how we would communicate with others, and it caused a radical change in our lives.

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What If Google Got Into the Console Market?

The console market has been the subject of much debate lately. Nintendo’s Wii U has inspired some fans, and disappointed many others. Still others have ignored the device. Meanwhile, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has the gaming world abuzz with promises of dramatically improved graphics. And with Microsoft expected to announce a new Xbox at some point in the next few months, gamers are more excited for what’s to come than they have been in years.

But there’s more to it than that. A Kickstarter-funded company is selling a device known as Ouya that promises to combine the benefits of mobile and console gaming into one device that connects to the television. Steam is working on a console that will bring PC titles to the living room. There have even been rumors that Apple is planning a gaming push.

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