Re-Inventing the Book in the Digital Age

For a while now we, at Creative Strategies, have been involved in projects within the digital reader ecosystem. We have been talking and working with both publishers and hardware OEM’s who either have a presence or want a presence in this market. E-Readers and Tablet sales combined could be between 60-70 million in 2011*.

Regardless of where we are now in the adoption cycle of e-readers and tablets one thing is now clear: the shift from analog to digital in books is happening rapidly.

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Random House ebooks make early iBookstore debut

Ebooks from publisher Random House have begun to show up in Apple's iBookstore, ahead of what's likely to be a name-check at the iPad 2 event in just a few hours time. The publisher had announced a switch to so-called Agency Pricing - in which publishers not retailers set the consumer prices for each electronic title, and then provide the retailers with a commission for the sale - earlier in the week.

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NOOKcolor Owner Creates Custom BOOKcase

This is not the first time that someone's carved out a book to put electronics inside (everyone in the worlds' favorite case being, of course, in the The Matrix ala Neo's hacker disks,) but it is the first time we've seen one with a NOOKcolor in it. And not only that, but this particular book is heavily ironic, a great choice to be cutting up: Future Consumer .com, a book by Frank Feather.

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eBook Technologies Acquired by Google

Google has just acquired a company by the name of eBook Technologies. What is this place, you might ask? It's a search engine! Oh I got you, good joke. This group eBook Technologies is what appears to be a small company (just judging by the design of the site) that has big potential (just judging by the company that just acquired them), and is aimed at supplying "intelligent reading devices and licenses technologies that enable automated publishing and control over content distribution.

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B&N NOOKcolor took retailer’s top spot; almost 1m ebooks sold on Dec 25 [Updated]

Barnes & Noble has announced that its NOOK range has become the retailer's biggest selling line in the company's history, with the NOOKcolor taking the number one spot as the best-selling gift of the holidays. Meanwhile, almost one million B&N ebooks were purchased on Christmas Day, despite widespread reports of server issues plaguing the service for the holiday weekend.

Updated with B&N statement on the server outages after the cut

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NOOKcolor SDK for Developers Now Available

So you were hangin around when they said "The next NOOK will be NOOKcolor!" and you were on the edge of your seat when they announced "Developer Support!" you're really gonna jump for joy now - NOOK SDK v1 is available for download RIGHT THIS INSTANT. All your developer doors are about to be opened. Get those idea bags open and make some reader-centric apps for Barnes and Noble to make their NOOKcolor the explosively reader-centric reading device they mean it to be!

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A Week with NOOKcolor: The Missing Link – Viewing Manually Loaded Books and What a Root Means for the Future

As you may well know if you've been following especially closely, we were supposed to be FINISHED with our review of the NOOKcolor - the final word was just laid down earlier today, right? It went by the name A Week with NOOKcolor: 3rd Party Apps and Final Wrap-Up and spoke of everything that was outside the hardware and the reading experience. But what's that? You say I've forgotten to talk about reading books you've downloaded from sources outside of Barnes and Noble? And wait, what happened at basically the same time that post was posted - a root? Let's talk!

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A Week with NOOKcolor: Reading (aka Core Apps)

Welcome to the second installment in SlashGear's "A Week with" review session with NOOKcolor, a device which Barnes and Noble promises will be for customers the culmination of all their knowledge on how people interact with what they read. This device is a reader-centric tablet, made by the world's largest bookstore for the people who enjoy reading the most. Today's review session revolves around the way you the user will potentially interact with the reading materials you'll be using while utilizing NOOKcolor. As this device is aimed not at those who wish for an open Android tablet experience, this review will for the most part assume that the people who will buy this device are the same people Barnes and Noble intends to market to. On the other hand, I and we know there's a large population of tech-smart individuals out there who indent to try this device out as a hacked device. While I won't be hacking into this device for your pleasure, we will be keeping you in mind.

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Disposable E-Paper on the Prototype Tip

So you're totally tired of all the old ways. Books? Useless. You're not into the whole "retro" thing, and you want people to know that you're on the cutting edge. The technology edge. So what do you think that heavenly next thing is? How about some disposable e-paper? University of Cincinnati electrical engineering professor Andrew Steckl decided he wanted that too. So what did he do? He demonstrated that electrowetting works on a paper substrate just as well as it does on glass. What's that mean? It means there's going to be some e-paper on paper.

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A Week with NOOKcolor: Hardware

Welcome to a super amazing extended review of the brand-spanking-new NOOKcolor. Let me begin by assuring you that the name is "NOOKcolor" all one word rather than "Nook Color" as I'd originally assumed in posts of the past. Then, let me let you know that this is not the first multi-post review we've done of a bit of gear - search for the term "A Week with" - our most recent project being the HTC HD7. Now we move on to this NOOKcolor, Barnes and Noble's full-color eReader, on its way out on the delivery trucks as we speak, just in time for the holiday season. This first post we'll discuss a bit about the hardware - how the item feels, works, and functions in the real world.

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NOOKcolor Demo

Our man in the field Vincent was at PEPCOM last night and got his hands on a NOOKcolor, checking it out a bit and even having a lovely demo done in front of the camera. It was here that we got to see firsthand a working model of the NOOKcolor device and all of the lovely features available on it at the launch. This is Barnes & Noble's 7-inch "ultimate reading device" of which there is "no more iconic, thin, [or] comfortable [an] ereader." Sound pretty snappy. Our presenter went through all of the clicks, pinches, and drags in turn.

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