Kobo Touch with Offers up now for $99, competes with $79 Nook

It's another battle of the e-readers, ladies and gentlemen, the same thing that's been going on for the past handful of years whenever the winter holiday season rolls around, and this year it's a battle of the prices - Kobo Touch with Offers is the newest offering, available now, from the big K, offering you their least expensive price for the cheap exchange of ads in the interim. What you get is the same great Kobo Touch e-reader you know and love (but might never have owned until now) but with advertisements on the display whenever you put it to sleep. That's how they make it so inexpensive, and that's what they're putting up for competition with the short discount of the newest generation Nook e-reader which is $79 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Penguin pulls eBooks from OverDrive lending service

The eBook world is a fickle as the world of digital music. Publishers are always worried that eBooks are taking away from the sales of traditional print books and that the security isn’t good enough. With more and more companies, lending eBooks at libraries and other places the eBook world is changing again. I continue to be surprised that the book publishers allowed lending of books at all.

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Amazon Kindle Owner’s Lending Library offers 5,000 borrowable books

Those who thought ebooks would kill libraries obviously didn't plan ahead to when Amazon replaced their friendly local librarian with a digital repository of borrowable books; the online retailer has launched the Kindle Owner's Lending Library, giving Prime-subscribing Kindle users a chance to borrow certain titles rather than buy them. Over 5,000 titles are currently on offer under the scheme, though it seems Amazon is yet to entirely convince publishers that it's a good idea.

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Amazon pursues authors, cuts out the publisher middleman

If you needed any more evidence that Amazon is building its own digital media empire, here it is. The New York Times reports that the online retail giant will publish over 120 books this quarter alone, both on its Kindle e-book platform and traditional physical copies. That puts it in the odd position of competing with some of its biggest suppliers, the traditional publishing houses that have been around for decades.

Bookeen Cybook Odyssey eReader, coming soon

The fine folks at Bookeen have revealed that they'll be releasing an ebook reader with a 6-inch Pearl E-ink display and a lovely 800MHz Cortex A8 CPU for the masses. This device will be Bookeen's fourth ereader device, and it's expected that the display will be the same as what's proven to be ultra-successful on the Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and the Kobo, that being the Neonode zForce touchscreen. Welcome back to the pack, Bookeen!

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NOOK Color expands to Target Superstore nationwide

Today Barnes & Noble have announced their newest sales partner for the NOOK Color and what's now called the NOOK Simple Touch Reader. It is Target, the superstore based right here in my home city of Minneapolis, with both versions of the NOOK now available at Target stores nationwide. This makes the NOOK one of the most widely in-store available ereaders on the circuit, currently sitting in stores at Best Buy, Books-A-Million, Fred Meyer, Office Max, P.C. Richard & Sons, Radio Shack, Staples, Target, Walmart, and of course Barnes & Noble. This addition began on October 2nd and you should start to see the tablets in stores across the USA soon.

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RadioShack soon carrying Barnes and Noble Nook and Nook Color

Right on cue before another big release from Barnes & Noble in the form of a autumn release of the Nook Color 2 comes a brand new carrier for the massively popular electronic reader. This announcement contains both the original Nook which is priced currently at $139 and the Nook Color which is currently set at $249. Both devices will be available at RadioShack soon, while onlookers see this as a move toward a more broad coverage of mobile computing devices at the retail chain.

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Amazon Prime ebook subscription in talks for Kindle tablet

Amazon is reportedly considering a subscription-based ebook service, in effect a Netflix-for-readers, which would charge an annual fee for content access. The scheme would initially be part of Amazon's Prime scheme, customers of which currently get unlimited two-day shipping and streaming access to the retailer's digital TV and movie library, the WSJ reports, although the response from publishers Amazon is in talks with has apparently been mixed.

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Sony Reader Wi-Fi (PRS-T1) Unveiled, Harry Potter Involved

The folks at Sony have revealed a reader we've been getting hints on for about a month now, today letting us know that the lightest 6-inch eReader device ever has arrived. This newest look at an eReader from Sony builds on their previous successes and offers lovers of electronic reading materials a lovely sub-6-ounce piece of hardware with a 6-inch E-Ink Pearl V220 touch screen that'll be available in black, red, or white. Look like the device you'll finally take the eReader plunge with?

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Amazon cracks down on e-book publishers using private label rights

Amazon has started to crack down on the publishing of e-books that use the private label rights or PLR. PLR is a way that a writer can write a digital book for the Kindle service and then sell the rights to other people to republish it as their own. It's like writing a how-to book and then selling publishing rights to others. The problem with this is that the same book ends up in the Kindle store with different titles and names associated with it confusing the customer.

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