Barnes & Noble expecting huge loss in NOOK business

Barnes & Noble will announce its Q3 2013 earnings next week, but things aren't looking good for the book-selling franchise. The company expects a higher loss from its NOOK business for fiscal year 2013 than originally expected in January. The company didn't reveal specific numbers, but their earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization showed a loss of $262 million for their fiscal year 2012, and they expect 2013 to be even worse.

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HTC turns focus to inexpensive smartphones for 2013

This week HTC has revealed its Q4 2012 financial results with less than favorable comparisons to this same time last year, letting investors know that their strategy for hitting 2013 with a bang will be a relatively low starting price point for the Chinese mobile market. This strategy capitalizes on the massive growth potential for greater China and takes the power of the lower-tier market (still largely untapped in many regions around the world) to a whole new level. This set of announcements unfortunately still has HTC forecasting steady or falling margins through the immediate future.

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Qualcomm Q1 2013 earnings shows surprise boost in future fiscal season

This week the folks at Qualcomm have revealed earnings for their fiscal Q1 of 2013, offering rather positive news for shareholders: a better outlook for the rest of the year than previously expected. With announcements of the new Snapdragon 800 and 600 series processors earlier this month, Qualcomm has revealed that they're now in a position that's ripe for growth throughout the upcoming year: "We are pleased to be raising our revenue and earnings guidance for fiscal 2013."

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Apple employee town hall meeting letter sets the tone

Yesterday Apple announced new record results for their financial Q1 2013 including sales of iOS devices as well as overall revenue, and with those announcements came an invite from Tim Cook to employees for a town hall meeting being held this morning. This town hall meeting will likely be extremely similar to the meeting held last year at this time after the company released its 2012 Q1 financial results, question and answer session included. At the moment we're not entirely sure if we'll be seeing the results of this session or if it will be closed-door employees-only in the end.

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