Astak Pocket PRO eBook Reader announced

Astak announced a brand new ebook reader today called the Pocket PRO eBook Reader. It measures in at 5-inches and can be pre-ordered starting today.

This new reader supports over twenty different formats because it has Adobe Digital Editions firmware on it. DRM is supported as well and as are public domain books. Included on the device is 512MB of storage and a SDHC card can expand it up to 16GB.

A single battery charge lasts for 8,000 pages and you can even playback MP3s while reading. There’s also text-to-speech, multiple font sizes and the E-Ink screen is easy on the eyes. You can get the 5-inch Pocket PRO eBook Reader by the end of the month for about $199.

iRex prepping small touchscreen 3G reader for U.S.

Well, if rumors are to be believed, iRex is preparing to release a brand new e-reader that is much smaller in size than the Digital Reader 1000, which has a 8.1-inch display and would feature 3G.

The new reader would also have a touchscreen and would be used in conjunction with likely just one store for obtaining e-book purchases. The rumored name for this gadget is the Digital Reader 800 and it would be the first time an iRex device landed stateside.

Shipping is anticipated near the holiday season though pricing is not yet known. The participating carrier is not yet known, either, thought AT&T is definitely out as they’ve just signed up with Plastic Logic for their 2010 3G-based e-book reader.

Samsung SNE-50K e-book reader announced

Samsung SNE-50K e-book reader announced

Samsung announced the SNE-50K today, an e-book reader that is intended for the South Korean market. This reader measures in at 5-inches and is capable of taking notes on as well as acting as an e-book viewer.

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Amazon Kindle DX Review

Amazon Kindle DX Review

Amazon's Kindle DX was announced back at the beginning of May, but it's taken until now for the first of the oversized ebook readers to reach buyers' hands.  The Kindle DX begins shipping this week, promising more E Ink real estate, more memory, and more file-type support on top of the Kindle 2's existing Whispernet wireless and other features.  Is bigger necessarily better?  SlashGear put on our reading glasses and set to finding out.

The differences between the Kindle 2 and the new Kindle DX are obvious: a 9.7-inch E Ink monochrome display dominates the front panel, offering around 2.5x the space of the smaller ebook reader and squashing the QWERTY keyboard into tic-tac tininess at the bottom.  Amazon has obviously worked hard to minimize the screen's impact on the overall chassis, with mixed results.  It's a scant 0.02-inches thicker than the Kindle 2, at 0.38-inches, with a metal back-plate lending stiffness, but the left-side page controls have been dropped.

Make sure to click through for the full review, photo gallery and unboxing/walkthrough video of the Amazon Kindle DX.

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