Comcast X1 guide starts speaking

Shout at the TV and you may find it answers back, if Comcast's new set-top box system is anything to go by. Intended not so much for armchair critics as it is for those who might struggle with the traditional Comcast X1 menu system, the new "talking guide" walks viewers through what's on. The virtual assistant can also help with scheduling DVR recordings and browsing through On Demand content, while Comcast has more functionality in the pipeline.

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Comcast X1 DVR cloud service lets you watch shows anywhere

One of the biggest reasons people cite gravitating towards cable cutting is that it better facilitates their needs: many in the modern world are not able to plop down on the couch at a specific time to watch a show, instead catching it later through an online service or by downloading the episode. Comcast has decided to adjust to these needs, announcing that it is "setting your TV and recordings free."

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TiVo’s new pricing scheme will let you hook up 12 rooms

Taking advantage of the fact that houses may have more than one room and that people might want to watch TV in some of them, TiVo is announcing a new offer that will accommodate that scenario well. For a monthly service fee of $14.99, TiVo subscribers will be able to string together up to 12 rooms so that they can get access to their recordings anywhere. As long as they're in the house, of course.

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New TiVo Mini’s wireless isn’t the WiFi you’re looking for

TiVo has been one of the mainstays of the TV DVR market but has unfortunately somewhat lagged behind, especially when keeping up with the times and trends. While many of its competitors, especially the myriad set-top boxes available today, have embraced wireless completely, TiVo has come up short. While TiVo seems to have a new Mini model with wireless capability, it might still disappoint those wishing for good old WiFi connections.

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Xbox One YouTube brings DVR sharing as GoPro updates

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s living room commander. It makes sense, therefore, that they’re continuing to push gaming as well as non-gaming content to the masses. This week they’ve made clear that Game DVR and Upload Studio will be working with a YouTube update that’ll allow direct uploads - that means no more transferring to OneDrive, downloading, and re-uploading again. Now it’ll be extra-simple.

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Dish tipped in agreement to limit ad skipping with Disney

Dish Network's Hopper DVR has drawn sustained criticism and legal battles from networks and broadcasters that want to see it nixed, something the company has seen success against. According to a source that surfaced via the WSJ, however, there could be a shift in how the DVR functions in the future, with a reported Disney agreement involving a temporary disabling of the auto-hop feature for certain shows.

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