Tongfong S30A 13.3-inch ultraportable with VIA Nano CPU [Video]

Chinese OEM Tongfong and VIA have announced the latest Via Nano based ultraportable, the Tongfong S30A.  A mere 33mm thick and tipping the scales at 1.4kg, the S30A has a 13.3-inch display, integrated DVD burner and 2GB of RAM; it uses the VIA 1.3GHz Nano U2250 processor together with the unified VIA VX800 MSP and discrete S3 Graphics Chrome 435 ULP graphics making for a HD-capable machine.


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FyreTV UnBoXXXing (SFW)

This was an interesting assignment. SlashGear has received some FyreTV BoXXXes (Yes, three X's) and absolutely must review them. Oh the terrible, terrible things this job makes me do. Explanation and video after the jump.

Clickfree Traveler and DVD Transformer auto backup systems

Clickfree have announced a new drive in their automated backup range, the Clickfree Traveler, which is around the size of a credit card and weighs about the same as a pen.  As well as up to 64GB of storage, it includes the latest version of Clickfree's automatic backup software.  There's also news of the Clickfree DVD Transformer, a simple dongle that makes backing up to DVD or CD straightforward.


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Century Netbook Stand with DVD & HDD

Don't let the hard-drive and DVD burner fool you: this isn't an ultraportable laptop, but a netbook cooler with extra talents.  Century's Netbook Stand aims to address two of the more common complaints about budget ultraportables, low storage capacity and no optical drive, by squeezing both things into a compact slice.

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