Blu-ray is a Must-Have Feature in Next-Gen Consoles

Nintendo made a surprising announcement recently that neither DVD nor Blu-ray will be making its way to the company’s upcoming Wii U console.

As expected, fans on both sides of the debate jumped on the story. Some said that Nintendo’s decision to nix Blu-ray in the Wii U proved that the company just didn’t know what it was doing in the gaming space any longer. Those who came out in defense of Nintendo said it makes perfect sense, since streaming is the future, and the console will likely support Netflix and other similar services.

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DVD market dropped $500m while streaming/subscription services rose 33%

The movie rental and sales market is taking a huge hit this year with DVD sales and rentals at big chains like Blockbuster falling down the rabbit hole. The movie market is seeing the same thing today that the music market saw years ago when digital tunes first started taking off. The desires and habits of consumers are changing whether the movie companies and rental chains like it or not. Consumers used to buy physical copies, and today many are choosing to stream.

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Redbox Kiosks To Start Offering Game Rentals In June

Coming this summer, those red kiosks that seem to guard the entries of every pharmacy and grocery store across the nation will begin offering game rentals on top of their current DVD movie rental service. Redbox announced today that it will fully deploy game rentals at its kiosks starting in June. It had began experimenting with the model in limited regions last year.

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Netflix Shifting To Multiple Simultaneous Streaming And More Personalized Accounts?

Netflix may be offering family plans with the option for multiple simultaneous streams later this year. A message lifted from Netflix's investor relations FAQ page this morning seems to support speculation that the company is heading towards a more full on streaming model. They are looking into various service options to offer including one that encourages multiple accounts in one household.

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Philips WiFi Multiroom HiFi, Harmony iPod/DVD HiFi and Fidelio SoundSphere AirPlay speakers debut

Philips has outed a three-strong lineup of new music entertainment systems, including a multiroom audio HiFi, a component HiFi system, and an AirPlay-compatible wireless speaker system that looks like the eggs from Alien. The Philips WiFi Multiroom HiFi kicks things off, with wireless support, USB access for digital tracks on a hard-drive, and a choice of the integrated color LCD touchscreen or iOS/Android remote apps for controlling it all.

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The Daily Slash: December 10 2010

Hooray on top of hooray, it's like Christmas came super early, we got our hands on and unboxed a Google Nexus S and you're all invited to sit by the campfire and watch! Joy! Then prepare yourself for a better way to leak as WikiLeaks staff members declare their intention of creating a separate site by the name of Openleaks. Next, get super pumped up and take a look at a leaked five year plan for Blizzard Entertainment - can you say Diablo III? SEE Facebook turn down a $15 BILLION DOLLAR offer from Microsoft. And SEE the Netbook category Go Extinct via Ben.

All this and MORE today on The Daily Slash!

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Time To Buy a Blu-Ray

Consider this my official holiday gift guide column. I'm not going to do a round-up of all my favorite gift ideas. I'm not going to recommend which phone you should buy, which laptop, which Lexus, or whatever. There are plenty of great gift guides to tell you all that (and I've even worked on some of those, myself). I'm not even going to recommend a specific product. I'm just going to tell you to buy a Blu-Ray player. I don't really know which one to buy, and I don't even have one myself. But it's become the number one item on my list, and it should be for you, too.

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SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: December 9 2010

Ohmygod! Notion Ink Adam is available for pre-order right this second and it's cheaper than expected! Then we've got some electric butterflies, Dell's deletion from an Intel Android tablet list, and some Robonaut hands. You can feel free to fix your MacBook Air screen glitch, check out a sassy extended video peek at the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and read about how Don found 2010 to be the year he forgot about DVDs. THEN get your Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook delivered today, check out Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and win a FREE Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z. Such a bunch o stuff for your salivating talon teeths!

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2010: The year I forgot about DVDs

As someone who loves to sit down in front of the television after a long day’s work and watch a movie or television show, I typically spend some time each month heading down to Best Buy or browsing Amazon to find out what the latest entertainment releases are. It has become a habit that at least so far, I’m unwilling to give up.

But over the past year, my buying decisions have changed, and I’ve officially ditched DVD in favor of Blu-ray or streaming services.

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Flix on Stix Skips the DVDs, Puts Movies on Your USB Flash Drive

While going into a store and finding a DVD or Blu-ray to rent may not be what's popular anymore, other services like Netflix and Hulu are seeing quite the attraction, thanks to the fact that you don't actually have to go anywhere other than your computer, TV, or maybe as far as your mailbox to watch a movie. Then, there's services like Redbox that allow you to rent a movie for cheap, on a daily rate, and then return it back to the kiosk when your'e finished with it. But, Flix on Stix wants to take that idea, and make it a bit more useful for those who may not want an actual DVD to take home, or have to worry about returning it.

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Zediva go basic with movie streaming service: stacks of DVD players

Winning today's "Credit For Trying" award is Zediva, a company which has taken a somewhat off-the-wall approach to streaming rentals. Rather than sign deals with studios and try to find as many customers to watch content at once as possible, Zediva is working on a more one-to-one basis: you rent not only a DVD but a DVD player that lives at their data center, and tune in via an internet stream.

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Toshiba REGZA SD-P96DT & SD-P76S keep the portable DVD player lights burning

Toshiba has outed a new pair of portable DVD players, the 9-inch REGZA SD-P96DT and 7-inch REGZA SD-P76S, though they've at least slotted a TV tuner into the larger model to give it at least a vague air of modernism. The SD-P96DT runs at 800 x 480 resolution and has both 1-Seg digital and analog tuners, while the SD-P76S makes do with a 480 x 234 display and no tuners at all.

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