Everything you need to know from Google IO 2016

Everything you need to know from Google IO 2016

This morning we've collected every bit of news from Google I/O 2016, sorting it all out into easily digestible bits. Each of the news items you'll find in our list below has a link (or more than one link) to a more in-depth related story. You can get the basics here, or drop in on whichever subjects you like to keep your mind reeling. Learn a little or learn a lot - whatever you want!

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Allo and Duo are in Google Play for Android now (sort of)

Allo and Duo are in Google Play for Android now (sort of)

Google's new message apps Allo and Duo have been released to Google Play for Android devices in a new form - not actually available, just appearing there as placeholders. If you were looking for the release of Google's new smart messenger app - attached to your phone number and ready to go to war with iMessage, you're in luck. Sort of. Users such as yourself will be able to see the apps in the places where they'll be listed in the Google Play app store, BUT, you wont be able to download them until Google actually makes them available.

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Duo is Google’s FaceTime: see it in action here

Duo is Google’s FaceTime: see it in action here

This week the folks at Google have launched a true competitor to Apple's FaceTime and iMessage for iPhone. They've shown off the app called Allo - that's for chat, a straight-up battle-ready app to take on iMessage - it'll be on Android and iOS, as well. Then there's Duo, a video chat app that'll battle FaceTime. That'll be released on Android and iOS as well, too. It's made by the people who developed WebRTC and is built with QUIC.

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Cizmo CX15 notebook computer – has GeForce 8800M GTX inside

Other than the fairly amazing graphics technology that is packed inside of this notebook, courtesy of NVIDIA, it also has a Core 2 Duo Processor. Add to that the 4GB of RAM and the SATA hard drive running with a 15.4” screen and you’ve got a pretty amazing machine.

Psystar Back Up! Mac clone now called Open Computer instead of OpenMac

A simple name change has Psystar back on their feet selling their cheap desktop computers that are configurable with OS X on them. They’ve also added a new computer to their lineup, the OpenPRO which is available with a lot better case, comes standard with an 8000 series GeForce card and a 10k RPM HDD as well as a couple gigs of RAM.

Dell Vostro lineup grows with the new 1310, 1510, and 1710 notebooks

The Dell Vostro line of notebooks and desktops were targeted at small business users, as such they’ve collected the feedback from some of their Vostro customers and made some changes. First they thinned up all of the models, it was at the cost of a bit of ruggedness, but now the notebooks are a lot thinner.

Then they added some little features that make a big difference including adopting the touch sensitive LED backlit keys of some of the XPS systems. The notebooks are now noticeable thinner and lighter and have some other features that road warriors are likely to appreciate, but they still maintain the same low price and they come crap-ware free.

Psystar Claiming $399 Mac Clone – how to do what Apple does for less

This may already be a non-issue as their site is already down, however the company was apparently cranking out computers with 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 250GB HDDs, 2GB of RAM, a DVD burner, and Mac OS X Leopard. For some extra money you could have reportedly gotten FireWire and an NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT added to that list.

Toshiba Portege R500-12Q – it has a 128GB SSD!

This notebook has a 12.1-inch screen that is LED backlit, a Core 2 Duo ULV U7700 processor, a couple gigs of RAM, a DL-DVD-RW drive, and then the 128GB SSD drive. This might actually be one of the most energy efficient notebooks there is that still maintains a respectable about of storage space.

I mean, sure the ULV processor, LED backlit display, and SSD drive will help keep the battery life up, but they also combine to help keep the price up. There wasn’t one listed on any of the sites, and apparently this particular model can only be found on a few of Toshiba’s international sites right now, but I can guarantee it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.

Sony HDR-TG1 – it’s shiny, still kind of iffy on performance

Akihabra News was lucky enough to have Sony lend them one of their newest HandyCams for review, the HDR-TG1. In Europe it’s known as the TG3, but the product is the same, a thin, light, and shiny FullHD digital camcorder.

Black Friday Notebook Sale

So, Black Friday (this Friday for those not in the know) is fast approaching and that means that millions of people in the retail industry will seriously consider suicide as a possible alternative to finishing their shift. It also means that there will be tons of stuff on sale for dirt cheap.

A large portion of that stuff will be electronics, computers, home theater equipment, you name it, the US is probably one of, if not the largest markets for consumer electronics and Black Friday is a great excuse to move a few units out the door. One such product that many cost savvy consumers will be looking for is the coveted uber cheap notebook.

Pantech C810/Duo review: Can’t put it down

It’s been a while since Pantech has released a smart phone. I was skeptical when I first laid eyes on the Pantech C810, also known as the Pantech Duo. But all of my doubts were soon washed away. I don’t know if this dual sliding, smart phone could have been executed any better.

The Pantech Duo is available through AT&T meaning it’s GSM. It operates on the 850, 900, 1800, 1900 frequencies, meaning the phone will suit all of your international traveling needs.