Nintendo DSi production axed?

Nintendo has reportedly ceased production of its DSi gaming handheld, with reports from Japanese retailers that the only way to pick up the dual-display device is to find a store with remaining stock. Unconfirmed by Nintendo, the rumors claim that some areas are already sold out of the best-selling console.

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Nintendo Wii and DSi sales tumble

Nintendo have announced their latest quarterly financial results [PDF link], and it proved a disappointing period for both Wii and DSi sales.  Wii demand plummeted, falling 21-percent from the same period a year ago, while DSi sales dropped 13-percent.  The company has blamed poor flagship Wii game title releases for middling demand for the console, and are looking to the new 3D-capable Nintendo 3DS to salve further handheld shortfalls.

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Game piracy costs Nintendo 45% of Euro DS game sales

Nintendo are blaming rampant piracy for a 45-percent drop in European DS game sales, pointing to so-called "magicom" or "R4" cartridges - which bypass copy protection and allow downloaded game ROMs to be played on the handheld - as the primary cause.  The hacks have previously been a significant issue in Japan, but have more recently spread to Europe; Italy, Spain and France are particular hotspots, apparently.

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Nintendo 3DS reveal prompted by press leak?

Back when Nintendo mysteriously announced the 3D-capable 3DS in a blunt press release that looked more like an internal memo, we speculated that the company could've been looking to shore up their stock price ahead of the financial year ending.  As it turns out, the move was a defensive one based on Japanese press discovering the 3DS' existence.  According to one analyst, suppliers had spilled the beans on the handheld - which promises stereoscopic gaming without demanding special glasses be worn - and Nintendo chose to break the news themselves.

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Nintendo DS2 details leak: bigger, higher-res screens, accelerometer, late-2010 launch?

Nintendo's DSi XL isn't even on US shelves yet, and already gamers are prodding developers to find out details about the next-gen handheld.  News on the Nintendo DS2 was top of the list for RPad.TV when they hit up GDC 2010, and they've managed to extract a few choice nuggets in the process.  The DS2 - the official name of which nobody would, or could, spill - will apparently keep its dual-displays, but the panels will be larger, higher-resolution and have so minimal a gap between them that titles will be able to in effect use them as a single, big screen.

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Nintendo DSi XL gets March 28th US launch: $190

Nintendo have confirmed the North American release date for their DSi XL gaming handheld.  The DSi XL - which has already been on sale for several months in Japan, as the DSi LL - will drop on March 28th, bringing with it dual 4.2-inch LCD displays for $189.99.  Since a console is no use without games to play on it, Nintendo have also announced a range of new titles for the coming months.

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