SlashGear Week in Review – August 3rd

Week in Review time, and it seems like there's plenty to look back on over the past seven days.  Continuing our fresh tradition, in the fast-moving netbook segment we've seen confirmation of ASUS' Eee PC plans - 23 models in all, the next of which being the 701SD, together with dual-core and bigger SSD versions - as well as Sylvania's new G Netbook MESO, the target $299 tag of which got plenty of people hot under the collar.  Price is a sore subject over at MSI, who saw their Wind netbook rise in cost uncontrollably, while E-Lead are likely celebrating their Noahpad - with its distinctive dual-touchpad keyboard - finally reaching customers.

There's plenty to look forward to, as well, with Intel confirming a refresh of their Classmate PC, a video showing Fujitsu's upcoming Amilo Mini playing with interchangeable casings, and Lenovo tipped for a new netbook to be released in September.  If you can afford a bit more, and can't wait until September, Lenovo's ThinkPad X200 is a proper, grown-up ultraportable set to launch imminently; going by the first hands-on reports it looks to be a winner, with battery life getting particular credit.

Overly feminine line of DS accessories

These girly accessories for your DS look a bit like cosmetic cases. It actually also includes a screen cleaner that looks identical to a compact for your face powder. I do like that although the case is overly feminine, it isn't the usual bright pink.

Rumor: Nintendo may launch DS successor before end of the year

The analysts are at it again, analyzing and teasing us with the possibility of something coming. This time they're teasing us with thoughts of a successor for the DS coming before the end of the year. This rumor is brought to you by Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

Nintendo financial report out: $3.92bn in sales

Nintendo have announced their financial performance figures for Q1 2008 [pdf link] and year-on-year sales are looking healthy: at 423,380 million Yen ($3.92bn) they've seen an increase of almost 83,000 million Yen ($768m) in net sales over the same quarter in 2007.  Net assets are down slightly from the last quarter but net sales are up to 107,267 million Yen ($993m).  The company also announced sales figures for their product lines, both quarterly and lifetime, which makes for interesting reading.

Guitar Hero: On Tour gets a sequel this Fall

I'm all for having sequels for popular games, I really am. However, there's a point when I wonder how soon is too soon, and how many is too many. Take Guitar Hero: On Tour for example. I didn't particularly care for the game or its controller, however, the game sold rather well, which might make one think they would start putting out DS versions of their series out on a semi-regular basis. I just didn't expect them to have one geared up and ready to be released in a mere matter of months.

GTA: Chinatown Wars announced for the DS

There's no doubt that Grand Theft Auto IV is an awesome game. But unfortunately when you leave the house, there's just no good way to take the fun with you. Now if only there were a portable GTA game that one could play on their DS. Well your wishes have come true, as Rockstar recently announced Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS.

Logitech updates the PlayGear Pocket

The original PlayGear Pocket has been out for a while now. Long enough that those with the newer slimmer PSP have found ways to pad the original case so that it works with the new PSP.

Strange ad depicts widescreen Nintendo DS

I haven't read Nintendo Power since sometime in the 90's, before I discovered the internet. Now I rarely find myself reading magazines, as I can find most of the info I crave right here on my PC. If you happened to pick up the latest issue, you might have noticed an ad with a widescreen DS. You don't see that everyday.

Nintendo DS Star Wars Stylus

So far I had thought that the only cool accessory to go with the DS was a case and maybe some kind of a skin to go with it. There are only so many things you can pair with one electronic. Well Nintendo DS has proven me wrong, they have created a lightsaber stylus.

Chrono Trigger confirmed for DS release

If you've never played Chrono Trigger before, you've missed out one of the better RPG titles of the Super Nintendo era. It made the rounds again on a PlayStation re-release, however, come this holiday season, you won't need to dust off an old console to play this classic.

A Japanese school uses Nintendo DS as English learning tool

A Japanese school uses Nintendo DS as English learning tool

Teaching English, as second language is not easy, and now English teacher in Japan have a competition, Nintendo DS. One school in Japan has started its trial phase of using DS portable gaming console as tools to teach kids English.

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SlashGear Review – Guitar Hero On Tour

I've been on the fence about Guitar Hero On Tour ever since it was first announced. I mean, just how much fun would Guitar Hero be without the guitar? Well I've had about a week to play with it, so I figured it was time for me to share my thoughts.

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