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Pioneer XDJ-1000 employs large touch screen for future DJs

A large touchscreen above a disk-sized wheel depicts the future of DJ stations in the XDJ-1000. So says Pioneer. So says the company that today will bring on features like PRO DJ Link, rekordbox compatibility, and of course, Wi-fi. What good is a turntable device without a connection to the internet? You'll be able to access the full collection of features through the 7-inch screen - full color and ready to roll with features like Beat Sync, Beat Jump/Loop Move, and Hot Cue.

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Traktor Kontrol S8 brings the DJ back to the party

Native Instruments have issued a hardware update for their Traktor Kontrol DJ controller. The Traktor Control S8, a new all-in-one system for the serious DJ, will be arriving very soon. Of immediate note is the Traktor Control moves away from jog wheels, replacing them with two screens. There are also touch-sensitive knobs for enhanced control. The S8 wants to bring the DJ away from the laptop and back into focus with the crowd, and this one packs enough under the hood to get that rolling.

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Pioneer DDJ-SX2 lets you scratch and loop in real-time

There may be nothing quite like an old-school turntable, but it’s 2014 — we’re going digital. Pioneer has announced their new DDJ-SX2 Controller, taking your DJ aspirations to the next level. Pioneer also has a neat new feature called Serrato Flip, which makes recording hot cue combos and playback a snap.

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Pioneer DDJ-SZ DJ controller supports Serato DJ software

Pioneer has announced a new addition to its line of DJ gear with the Serato compatible DDJ-SZ DJ controller. The company says that the DDJ-SZ is designed for the DJ that likes the performance specs of the Pioneer professional gear, but prefers and all in one system. The DDJ-SZ is 35% larger than Pioneer's DDJ-SX controller adding in extra functionality.

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Pioneer DDJ-WeGo2 DJ controller aims at DJ noobs

If you've ever looked into how much the hardware costs to become a DJ, you may be shocked at how expensive DJ gear can get. Some DJs spend thousands of dollars on single components to help mix their own custom tunes. Pioneer has a new DJ controller aimed squarely at the budding DJ with a limited budget called the DDJ-WeGO2 compact DJ controller.

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iOS hacker Pod2g launches PodDJ for iPad

If you're familiar with jailbreaking, then you're undoubtedly familiar with iOS hacker extraordinaire Pod2g, who's responsible for the Absinth 2.0 release for iOS devices running iOS 5.1.1 back in May -- his most recent endeavor. However, he's been focusing on a slightly different area of iOS, and that's app development. Pod2g released PodDJ today for the iPad.

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