Denon DVD-A1UD Blu-ray player

Denon DVD-A1UD Blu-ray player

Given the ratio of DVD player owners to Blu-ray player owners, you could argue that any of the high-definition decks are "high end"; however Denon Japan have announced what they're claiming is the world's first high end Blu-ray universal player.  The posh title is to take into account that the DVD-A1UD is capable not only of playing the usual Blu-ray and DVD video discs, but also DVD-audio, SACD and standard CDs.  It also comes with the company's DENON Link 4th technology, which apparently improves performance even from standard-definition sources.

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Denon AH-NC732 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Denon AH-NC732 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Denon have announced UK availability of the AH-NC732 Noise-Cancelling Headphones, a high-end set which promises up to 99-percent noise reduction.  Dual 40mm drivers work with the active cancellation system to adjust the sound pressure balance in front of, and behind, the diaphragm; the result is a "cone of silence".

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SlashGear Week in Review – Week 40 2008

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 40 2008

Biggest news this week has been in gaming, with Nintendo announcing the latest iteration of their DS handheld.  The DSi introduces new multimedia features - for instance a 3-megapixel camera - and an even thinner body, at the expense of battery life.  Don't get too excited, though; the US won't see the DSi until "well into" 2009.

In netbooks, ASUS slipped in a few new models at both the low and high-end of the market, with the Eee PC 900HA and 904HA offering bargain 160GB storage while the S101 corners the more-fashionable (and expensive) end.  That's a niche the ASUS N10 already occupies; that netbook ran the review gauntlet this week, proving "technologically clever" but simply too expensive.  ASUS - and MSI, whose Wind U90 was panned too - must be looking enviably at Gigabyte's M912M convertible touchscreen netbook, which was good enough to pull a credit card from the wallet of one reviewer.

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Denon unveils Flagship SACD player, DCD-SX

Denon announced today at Tokyo International Audio Show with a high performance SACD and redbook player. A Flagship DCD-SX SACD player features a multitude of technical advancements and battleship-like construction quality designed to meet the demands of most discriminating audiophiles.

Denon low cost Blu-ray player is not that affordable

Denon Electronics has announced that they will begin shipping a lower-cost Blu-ray Disc player next month. The new DVD-1800BD only supports Bonus-View (profile 1.1) and bitstream of all HD audio codec including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio but guess what. It is retailed at $749! But for that price, they will kindly throw in Burr-Brown DACs for two channel analog output. Nice!

Denon $499 ethernet cable: words fail

Half of me wants to call this a hoax, while the other half of me is wondering whether not using Denon's $499 AK-DL1 ethernet cable means my broadband is depressed and sluggish.  At over $8 an inch, the 1.5m cable is, obviously, intended for the "audio enthusiast" (read: "gullible rich guy"), and the ideal way to hook up your Denon Link components.

Denon DVD-3800BDCI – its finally coming, and it has its DivX certification

Earlier this year we informed you of a new Blu-Ray player from hell coming from Denon that was to have DivX capabilities as well. But the release was delayed and speculation was made.

Denon Postponed Flagship Blu-Ray Player DVD-3800BDCI to March

Denon is pushing the release date on the $1,999 Blu-ray player further to March. The flagship DVD-3800BDCI announced back in July 2007 featuring onboard DTS-MA decoder and 7.1 analog outputs was suppose to make its first appearance last Fall. It was put off to late December due to Denon uncertainty in Blu-Ray forecast, which I doubt it has anything to do with Paramount decision to back HD-DVD exclusively…Right! It will be a great match-up against Marantz BD8002 which will be released around the same time; we just have to wait until Spring break. The delay doesn’t affect Blu-ray transport DVD-2500BT. But hey, I'm all for it if that is what it'll take to add a RJ-45 (profile 2.0... but in my dream)

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Denon C551 earbuds, quality sound from a well known name

If you don’t mind paying for better sound quality, then you’ve probably already heard of Denon, on the other hand if you do, Denon is well known for their home theater components, namely their receivers, amplifiers, pre-amps, all that jazz. Well they also, every once in a while, make a set of earbuds.

Previously they had the C700, and now they have the C551, which other than being 2 millimeters shorter, also has some punchier mids. What they have in common is the Acoustic Optimizer, a reflex port for your headphones, it keeps the air pressure balanced and makes them sound better.

Denon SMART S-302

This device is amazing, especially if you live in a confined space. So it comes with the main receiver unit two stereo speakers and a subwoofer. However, it offers up virtual surround sound through those two stereo speakers.

On top of that it has an upscaling DVD player that will upscale up to 1080p for you. There is an HDMI port for that to play through and there are USB ports for connecting media players, thumb drives, so on and so forth. The best news is after the jump.

CEDIA 2007 – Denon’s Blu-Ray player boasts highest resolution available

In a show of remarkable solidarity, Denon has released some Blu-Ray disc players at CEDIA 2007 today - astounding everyone who had forgotten that the format existed and were too busy distracting themselves by salivating on Apple Store windows.  The so-called "reference standard" DVD-3800BDCI (and what a snappy name that is) takes the award for being the "world’s first BD-ROM Profile 1 version 1.1 Blu-ray Disc Player from a Blu-Ray Disc Association member featuring the acclaimed 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset."

CEDIA 2007 – Denon S-Series of compact systems upgraded with WiFi streaming

If you like the look of Denon's network media streamers but don't have an existing HiFi setup to connect one to, then take a look at what else the company has announced at CEDIA 2007 today.  Added to the S-Series - Denon's range of compact, all-in-one systems - the S-52 and S-32 have wireless connectivity to your home network to stream audio either from a computer, NAS or internet radio.  


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