D-Link DIR-857 offers dual band media streaming

Are you one of those fellows who likes to pipe HD media around the home using nothing more than wireless technology? D-Link has a router than you may be interested in. The company says that the new Dualband HD Media Router DIR-857 is capable of transfer rates of up to 900Mbit/s by using Wireless N on the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, making it perfect for those Mad Men streaming marathons.

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D-Link Cloud Camera 5000 hands-on

The folks at D-Link have both revealed and shown off the Cloud Camera 5000, a ball on a pedestal with the code-name DCS-5222L with full pan and tilt capabilities and automatic day and night viewing. You'll be recording all of your best friends with the loving friendliness of a full moving camera which allows you "peace of mind" as they say all night and day. You can record 340 degrees and 170 degrees and will be able to control the camera from mydlink.com as well as iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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D-Link launches new 200Mbps PowerLine mini adapters

D-Link announced a new line of mini adapters today for its PowerLine home networking solution. These adapters plug into any home outlet and use the existing electrical wiring to extend your wireless home network signal. This helps to deliver a secure and reliable network connection to devices throughout your home or small office where it may normally be inhibited, such as by a concrete wall or by being on a different floor level.

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D-Link unveils SmartBeam and new HD Media Router

D-Link announced today the launch of its SmartBeam technology along with a new Wireless N HD Media Router (DIR-657). The SmartBeam feature will be debut in a new DIR-645 Wireless N Router and promises a stable and interference-free wireless connection from anywhere within your home such that you get strong and consistent wired speeds with the freedom of a wireless home network.

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D-Link Debuts “Amplifi” Family Of Premium Home Networking Products

With all the gadgets and entertainment devices in our homes these days that all need to connect to the internet or each other, reliable and high performing networks are no longer just the realm of businesses. D-Link has just unleashed a family of premium home networking products called Amplifi that aims to bring a best-in-class solution to tackle the connectivity needs of today's homes.

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D-Link dual-band MediaBridge DAP-513 wants to get your console online

D-Link has unveiled its latest MediaBridge, a monolithic totem intended to get up to four wired internet devices - like your Xbox 360, PS3 or STB - hooked up to your wireless network. The D-Link Wireless N Dual Band MediaBridge DAP-1513 is as functionally straightforward as its name is ridiculously long: four 10/100 ethernet ports on the back, and WiFi a/b/g/n 2.4/5GHz inside.

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