Cricket signs five-year Clearwire LTE deal

Clearwire is currently in the process of migrating from WiMAX to LTE, but there was a slight bump in the road when Google announced at the end of February it was selling its existing stock in the company, well below the market value. The 6.5% stake was sold for $47 million at $1.60 a share, below the $2.27 asking price at the time. Clearwire has today announced a new partnership with Cricket, which will see the budget wireless provider making use of Clearwire’s LTE network when it’s eventually built.

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Cricket Muve Music Allows for Unlimited Song Downloads for $55 Per Month

We've heard about Cricket's Muve Music in the past, and the idea is the same as other subscription-based music services before: you pay a certain amount per month, and you get an unlimited amount of songs to download. Of course, with that kind of deal, there's always some form of protection involved, and with this new service from Cricket, it's no different. However, unlike the other services, even the ones that are tied to a phone, it's an extra charge per month. Not with Cricket's Muve Music.

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Cricket Muve Music $55 plan to offer unlimited music & service

Cricket Wireless has announced a new wireless plan that bundles unlimited music downloads with the usual calling, messaging and data access. Cricket Muve Music, set to makes its sales debut at CES 2011, is priced at $55 per month and comes with content from Universal, Warner, Sony and EMI. There's also a new phone to access the Muve Music service on, the $199 Samsung Suede SCH-r710.

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New Mobile Data Speed Tests Show AT&T is the Fastest, Least Consistent of the Bunch

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that 3G is pretty much one of the biggest factors in going with a new mobile phone contract, at least if you want to be connected at all times, and don't want to be waiting all day to get something done. And of course, let's not forget that there's a huge push towards 4G. But for now, 3G's the focus, and thanks to PCMag, we've got a brand new widespread test that shows which wireless carrier is the fastest. The results are pretty revealing.

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Kyocera ZIO Hands-On Video: Thin, Android 1.6 for Cheap Price Tag

We shed some light on the Kyocera ZIO earlier today, and lucky for us we were able to get some hands on time with the device during CTIA 2010. The device is running Android 1.6, but there's talk that it could be updated to a level of 2.x some time in the near future. We were also able to get some whisperings about pricing. The device itself may go for somewhere between $170 and $220 before subsidy, so that means Cricket may be able to launch the Android-based device for basically nothing. And, let's face it, free is never a bad thing. Check after the break for our hands-on video of the device.

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