CES 2009: Creative Zii ‘Stemcell Computing’

Creative have been demonstrating their new Zii platform this week at CES, catchily titled "Stemcell Computing", which is promising a huge shift in how multimedia is handled by mobile devices.  Zii comprises a number of scalable Processing Elements, or PEs, each of which can be individually re-tasked to different tasks.  In that way, rather than a device having a set amount of video decoding, encoding or high-definition processing capability, it can selectively assign generic PEs to whatever the task at hand.

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Creative Fatal1ty X-Fi USB Headset

I remember back in the day when the name Fatal1ty was just first being heard around the internets. This was some kid that was making a real name for himself in the professional gaming world by dominating in Quake III Arena, and going on to win (or place very well) in dozens of professional tournaments. Nowadays you don't hear much about his victories, but you do see gaming products with is stamp of approval on them. The latest such products is the Creative Fatal1ty X-Fi USB Headest.

First, this headset is not going to improve your fragging skills, I don't care who has their name stamped on it. However, I can bet that this guy has spent more time gaming with a headset on than most of us, so he probably knows what he's talking about.

Creative ZEN Mosaic PMP launches

Creative have announced their latest PMP, and it seems they've drawn inspiration from their bathroom.  The ZEN Mosaic is a flash-based media player with a 1.8-inch LCD, audio and video playback, as well as an FM radio and voice recorder.  Initially available in 2GB and 4GB sizes, next month will see 8GB and 16GB versions join the line-up.

Creative Zen X-Fi PMP with WiFi hits FCC

Creative's latest PMP has been spotted by multiple sources, including a detail-scant FCC test report [pdf link] and a few leaked photos.  The upcoming media player, called the ZEN X-Fi, is said to include WiFi, instant messaging, a built-in FM radio and speaker, and Creative's sound-fettling X-Fi technology.  Storage is either 8, 16 or 32GB, plus there's an SD card slot to augment it.

Flip Mino camcorder landing June 4th

If Creative thought they could smack down budget camcorder rival Flip with their recent Vado and get away with it, it's time for a reality check.  An eagle-eyed browser has spotted Flip's latest model, the Mino, in B&H's print catalog, and it's likely to be the company's retort to the Vado's "dramatically thinner and lighter" claim.  So far, little is known about the camcorder, aside from its $179.99 price-tag, choice of white or black casing and June 4th release date.

Presumably it's a smaller, lighter version of the existing Flip Video.  The pop-out USB port looks to have moved; it was previously on the side, and now, although it's hard to make out, it appears to have shifted to the top of the camcorder. 

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