Cowon S9 Curve PMP confirmed for US December 19th

After Friday's confirmation of the Cowon S9 Curve's UK release, now it's the turn of the US to get the touchscreen AMOLED PMP.  Both the 8GB and 16GB versions of the S9 will be available from December 19th, priced at $199.99 and $239.99 respectively.  That gets you a 3.3-inch, 16m color 480 x 272 touchscreen, Bluetooth 2.0 with stereo A2DP support and a bevy of supported audio and video formats.

Cowon S9 PMP gets Dec 15th UK release

Last we heard, Cowon's S9 PMP was experiencing "problems in production" and delayed, outside of Korea at least, until early in 2009.  Now, though, UK availability for the AMOLED touchscreen media player has been confirmed [pdf link], with the 8GB and 16GB versions launching on December 15th.  It's with no small amount of fanfare, either; they're suggesting it could be the best sounding MP3 player to date.


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Cowon S9 Curve delayed; screenshots emerge

Cowon's S9 Curve PMP was meant to have launched in Europe by the beginning of last month, but the slinky media player is still yet to arrive.  However the latest news is pointing to "problems in production" delaying the Korean release to December 2008, with availability outside of there pushed back to 2009.  Cowon themselves have issued a new release regarding the Korean launch, where the 3.3-inch AMOLED display PMP will be priced at 219,000 won ($150) for the 4GB, 259,000 won ($178) for the 8GB, and 309,000 won ($212) for the 16GB.

More details, including GUI screenshots, after the cut

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Cowon S9 Curve gets October Europe release, full specs

Cowon's S9 Curve PMP is set to launch in Germany by the end of October, according to the company's regional webpage.  The S9 has a 3.3-inch widescreen 16m color AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, running at 480 x 272, and will initially be available in 8GB and 16GB versions with a 32GB model following later. 

Cowon S9 Curve, O2 & L3 PMPs

A trio of new PMPs from Cowon today, waiting in the wings for their official announcement at IFA 2008.  Each has a touchscreen and Cowon's typically minimal selection of hardware buttons, with the range starting out with the most compact, the S9 Curve.  The first from the company to use an AMOLED display, the screen measures 3.3-inches and has a T-DMB digital TV tuner as well as audio & video playback.

SlashGear Week in Review – July 27th

It's become somewhat traditional to start the week's review with what's happening in the netbook world, a niche that's arguably the fastest developing right now in consumer tech.  Fujitsu kicked things off with the proclamation that budget ultraportables "don't add up" and that the current race to the bottom line doesn't give manufacturers enough room to make profit; Fujitsu were rumored the week before to be planning a netbook of their own, only with the emphasis on build quality rather than solely the price tag.  Sony also picked up a few netbook-in-progress rumors, tipped for Q4 2008, and HP revealed that they're working on a follow-up to the 2133 Mini-Note that will be less sturdy but also less expensive.

LG, too, are said to have a netbook in the works, with a model tentatively named X110 running Intel's Atom CPU and made for them by MSI.  It's uncertain whether, if this turns out to be true, the X110 would be a rebadge of the MSI Wind or a whole new design.  Finally, ASUS confirmed they wouldn't be letting up the pressure as firm most associated with the segment; there's talk of an "all day" battery and cloud storage option for release later on in 2008.

Cowon P5 PMP with T-DMB and Bluetooth announced

Cowon seem to be carving a good niche for themselves with good-design and, judging by the reviews, superlative audio quality.  As such, it's always nice to see a new model from the company, and the P5 PMP just announced in Korea doesn't disappoint.  Packing a 5-inch, 16.7m color 800 x 480 touchscreen, two versions - the P5 and the P5 Study - will be available; the former has T-DMB radio and Bluetooth.

Cowon iAudio D2 Reviewed: DAB touchscreen PMP

iPod who? Let's face it, if you're in the market for a portable media player and you're less than swayed by Apple's offerings, there's never been better choice of rivals, each playing catch-up to the market leader by offering - in general, anyway - bags more functionality. Of course, you may just be tired of seeing the same old iPod UI and having Jonathan Ives' handiwork flashed in your face on every street corner; in that case, there's plenty of different, and often just as successful, design out there to choose from. Cowon is a long-term player in the PMP game, and were good enough to send over one of the company's latest devices, the D2; not only does it have up to 8GB of storage for your music, it also receives DAB digital radio and plays video too.

Cowon D2TV PMP

This thing comes in two variations, a white one, and a black one. What’s the difference? About 6GB, the white one comes with 2GB of storage and the black one comes with 8GB of storage.

As such, the black one can store 9 hours of 1Seg mobile TV, or up to 45 hours of audio in various formats. The battery should last about 7.5 hours, I assume that’s for music, so probably half that or less for video.

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