comScore Reports iOS Device Traffic Beats Android In Every Market

The battle never ends between Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms, but thus far iOS continues to take the lead despite a broad and rapidly growing selection of Android smartphones and tablets. Research firm comScore has just issued a report introducing a new Device Essentials service that measures digital traffic from all devices and once again finds Apple's iOS to dominate all markets.

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comScore Finds iOS Ownership Double the Size of Android in Europe

That's when accounting for mobile phones, tablets, and other connected media devices - that's the whole barrel! It seems that comScore has released a study which includes results from the EU5 (aka UK Germany, France, Spain, and Italy) which included media tablet owners* and based on data from their own comScore MobiLens service. This report suggests that Apple's iOS platform (on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch,) has a combined platform reach of 28.9 users in the five European markets in the EU5 - this number outperforming Android by 116 percent.

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European iOS ecosystem larger than Android just as in US says report

Android versus iOS is one of the biggest rivalries in the tech world. It’s right up there with OS X versus Windows in my book. Both sides in the iOS version Android user base are very supportive of their platforms leading to a lot of numbers being thrown around to show who is larger. By most accounts, the Android platform is now larger than the iOS platform in the smartphone world. When you zoom out and look at the entire iOS versus Android ecosystem with all available devices the picture changes.

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Cyber Monday was big, rest of week softened

Metrics firm comScore released information on the amount spent on Cyber Monday in the US. Cyber Monday was a big shopping day according to the firm with $1.028 billion spent. That massive total made Cyber Monday the largest shopping day online this year. The reminder of Cyber Monday week had strong shopping as well, but the amount spent softened considerably.

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