HP ZBook Studio is gunning for the MacBook Pro

HP is taking on Apple's MacBook Pro with its slickest mobile workstation yet, the HP ZBook Studio. Billed as the first quadcore workstation ultrabook in the world, the 15.6-inch notebook measures 18mm thick - matching Apple's machine - and tips the scales at 4.4 pounds, despite a choice of Intel Core i7 or Xeon processors inside, Thunderbolt 3, and up to a UHD resolution display.

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“New Generation” of auto-drones coming with NVIDIA Jetson TX1

NVIDIA says their new credit-card sized "Jetson TX1" module will enable "a new generation of smart, autonomous machines that can learn." Before you start thinking this is Skynet, all over again, terminators running wild, take heed: they're being made for good, not evil. NVIDIA suggests that these modules will be used in drones that scan crowds to "identify suspicious activity." They'll be used in drones that "navigate their way through a forest for search and rescue." They'll be smart - and they'll be able to grow more intelligent, too.

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Google gets a whole lot smarter (and more open) with TensorFlow

Machine Learning is a big scary term for something that can be explained very simply. When you see someone you've seen several times before, you recognize them. In the same way, Google's computers recognize photos of your face because they all look similar. Google's machines are able to learn - that's just one piece of the puzzle. Google has announced a system called TensorFlow, a machine learning system that Google will be using soon (in place of their old system being used today), and they'll be making it open source, too.

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Razer Diamondback Review (2015)

The Razer Diamondback ambidextrous mouse is one of the most well-rounded and beautiful mice I've ever used, in any category. While I'm still all about using a right-handed mouse - since I'm not really a lefty - this piece of equipment is shaped fine enough that I've not noticed a major difference. This is the return of the mouse that worked with the world's first optical gaming sensor - now back for its 4th iteration, the first update to the mouse since 2007.

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Lenovo’s early 2016 lineup includes Surface rival, Chromebook

In less than two months, the year will be over so naturally manufacturers are already lining up their ducks for 2016. Lenovo's calendar for its 2016 ThinkPad catalog has just been leaked and it includes quite a few interesting pieces. There is, for example, another Surface Pro clone, which looks less like a clone, thankfully. And among the plethora of new laptops and hybrids lies a Chromebook, as if once again emphasizing that Chrome OS isn't going away yet. At least not by first quarter next year.

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Microsoft Surface Book teardown by iFixit gets lowest repairability score

Microsoft's latest flagship device, the Surface Book laptop/tablet hybrid, has just been subjected to the iFixit teardown process. The repair experts clearly detail the device's interesting internal components and the unique layout, but they also reveal why the Surface Book is nearly impossible to repair, and should never be attempted by a user. In the end it was given a repairability score of 1 out of 10, just about the lowest there is.

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DJI Manifold computer is meant to control a drone

Aerial drones need some processing power to operate all their embedded systems and a company called DJI has a new computer that is designed specifically for the drone market. The computer is called the Manifold and it is a high-performance embedded computer designed specifically to fly with an aerial drone. The computer is compatible with third-party sensors and can be connected to a variety of devices.

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Gest glove controls computers or phones with hand movements

When you are sitting in the office using your computer, a mouse and keyboard is the ideal interface for most of us. When you are out traveling and try to work from a tablet or smartphone, a mouse and keyboard aren't ideal. This is where the Gest comes in; this device is a glove-like wearable that you place on your hand.

While you are wearing the Gest it allows you to work with your hands in an intuitive way. You can change between apps by twitching your finger or point at your screen to move the mouse around. When working in Photoshop, a twist of the plan will adjust sliders.

3D objects can be rotated by grabbing them and rotating your hand. It sounds like an interesting way to interface with your computer. Users can also program custom gestures and actions into the device. The glove has a section that slips over your palm and four finger pads that you place on your finger.

Gest is on Kickstarter seeking $100,000 and has raised over $63,000 so far with 29 days to go. You can get a Gest for $149 or more with shipping planned for November 2016.

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SOURCE: Kickstarter

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