iLuv iMM178 Vibe Plus shakes you awake (then plays you music)

iLuv knows you have trouble getting up in the morning, and they want to help.  The new iLuv iMM178 Vibe Plus is an alarm clock with a difference, and that difference is a "shake & awake" attachment on the end of a cord.  Hide it under your pillow and, when the alarm goes off - which, since the iMM178 Vibe Plus is also an iPhone/iPod speaker dock, could mean your favorite playlist - it'll shake you until you get up.

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Geek clock proves you’re too dumb to tell time

I can remember when my son was trying to learn to tell time. The first time he stared at a clock I bet he felt like I do right now looking at this Geek Clock. I have come to the realization that I am too dumb to tell time, at least on this thing. Thank all that is geeky and good my iPhone has a digital clock and I have a sundial in the garden out back.

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DIY Word Clock from old digital photo frame

We reckon this is a mod that could be pretty popular after the holidays, when people wonder what exactly they're going to do with the non-wireless digital photo frames they've been given.  Matt Mets took one look at his and decided it would make a great DIY Word Clock, stepping through slides with the time written out long-hand; a frame that can automatically change the image every sixty seconds would even be able to do all the clock-work for him.

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DIY Whereabouts Clock tracks family with Twitter [Video]

Not being a Harry Potter fan the "wearabouts clock" has passed me by, but this DIY location-indicating replica is impressive enough even without the back story.  The concept is that rather than display the time, the clock's numerous hands show whereabouts each family member is, according to various locations (or situations, such as "mortal peril") around the clock face.  As for the magic inside, our old friend the Arduino and a hacked Linksys router monitor Twitter for location updates.

The first generation of the system attempts to recognize the first few words in the tweet - it monitors a different Twitter stream for each hand - and then shuffles the indicators around to the appropriate point.  If the message can't be interpreted that way, it points to "read me".

Video demo after the cut

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Ponoko offers weirdest clock ever called digits

I have seen more than a few weird clocks in my day and most of them had to do with waking people up who tend to oversleep. I had a clock when I was a kid that you had to throw to turn the alarm off. My mom took it away after I broke some pictures in my room and used my brother's head as a target a few times. Ponoko has a line of clock like devices that you have to manually change the time on.

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QLOCKTWO Doesn’t Need Numbers To Tell You What Time It Is

Have you ever looked at a digital clock and thought, "I hate numbers?" Well, if you have or you're just looking or a little bit of a change of pace, then do we have something to show you. It's called the QLOCKTWO, and it's a modern-day great piece of tech. Instead of showing those bland numbers like so many other time pieces around the world, the QLOCKTWO utilizes a stainless steel face to hide away a wooden box that holds LEDs and all sorts of circuitry to get its message across. But there might be some fine details that could sway your decision one way or another, so take a peek.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoTime clock/remote thinks it’s a flute

Now, it's Bang & Olufsen time, so please suspend all disbelief and reset your "it's how much?!" shock reaction.  The Danish company has unveiled its latest product, and we've a feeling Alyson Hannigan would approve.  The BeoTime alarm clock best resembles a flute, but is actually a way to not only get you up in the morning but to control your house full of expensive B&O A/V equipment.


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Time Switch: because deadline denial is an art

When you're facing down an inbox full of press releases and an empty frontpage, the prospect of pausing time sounds like a tempting one.  Artist Ryan Harc can't quite offer mastery over the aging process, but if you're of the opinion that what you haven't seen can't hurt you then his Time Switch may have all the denial you need.

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GOGO Log Radio

Design studio GOGO believe you should work for your consumer goods, rather than expect something perfectly-formed dropping off the production-line.  Their latest item, called "Log Radio", is pretty much exactly as the name might suggest: a length of wood with radio hardware installed and the buyer left to saw off their new gadget.

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