Astronomical Clock goes for astronomical price

Since it's traditional on retirement to be given a watch or a clock, I'm giving Vincent notice that I'll be expecting one of these beauties when I enter my dotage.  Recently sold for almost $2m at auction, the one-of-a-kind astronomic sphere is a hand-engraved sky-chart that progressively opens through the indecently gorgeous clockwork mechanism inside. 


An innovative robot that…tells the time-The Flexible Robot Clock

I know a good portion of us are a bit limited on desk space, so pretty much everything has to be multifunctional these days. Although this little guy probably isn’t a top of the line tech product, it is a simple way to help cleanup the clutter. The Flexible Robot Clock can tell the time (obviously), is an alarm clock and can hold little notes for you.

The Water powered alarm clock

The Water powered alarm clock

Want to cut costs on your power bill? Well I’m not sure how much this will cut, but you can purchase the water powered alarm clock. This alarm clock is powered completely by water. Just add the water into the reservoir and in 3 minutes the alarm clock will work as normal. If you notice the display fading just add more water to make it pop back to life again. Just be sure not to tell your boss about this one, otherwise you can’t use the power outage as an excuse to be late to work.

Then again, being the only one to work on time when the power has gone out might be just enough to get you that raise you’ve been wanting.
Of course you won’t need one to buy this clock, it is priced at about $10.

Water powered alarm clock [via shiny shiny]

Telling time just got more annoying

Reading the time is so easy. Especially with digital clocks, you just look over, and you know what time it is. What's the fun in that? Well, fear not, someone has found another way to make reading the time more difficult!

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