Clearwire Gets Slammed With WiMAX Throttling Lawsuit

Clearwire is being slammed with a lawsuit today that alleges that the wireless operator has been throttling its WiMAX service. Complaints began in mid-2010 that Clearwire had begun throttling home internet connections to as slow as 256Kbps. And now a group of 15 users have filed a lawsuit accusing Clearwire of not delivering high-speed internet as advertised and charging them termination fees when they walked away.

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Sprint teases full US LTE network as soon as 2013 in Clearwire negotiations

Sprint has suggested it could have a nationwide 4G LTE network in place and operational by the end of 2013, though the carrier's apparent consideration of LTE could well be in part a negotiating tactic with its Clearwire WiMAX partner. Steve Elfman, Sprint's president of network operations and wholesale, confirmed this week that the carrier could have LTE operation and devices on the marker by 2012, FierceWireless reports; however, Elfman also said no final decision would be made until midway through this year.

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Clearwire Reportedly Shutting Down Retail Operations

Clearwire is hurting for cash and has been implementing strategies to save up since fourth quarter last year with cutting jobs and canceling some retail launches. However, according to the WSJ's sources, it has now officially decided to abandon its retail operations and focus on growing its network as a wholesale 4G WiMax provider.

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CLEAR iSpot and Spot 4G mobile hotspots price-slashed

If you've a taste for WiMAX but a near-empty wallet, Clear reckons it can make do with the meager scrapings left at the bottom. The company is running a week of holiday deals, and so far you can pick up the CLEAR Spot 4G mobile hotspot for just $20 rather than the usual $99; the Apple-devoted should hold off, since as of Thursday you'll be able to grab a CLEAR iSpot - complete with a $25 month-to-month service plan - for just $20.

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Sprint CEO Says WiMAX is their 4G Strategy, Period

Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, said recently of the company, "Our 4G strategy is WiMAX, full stop." Of course I had no idea what "full stop" meant when I read it, so I had to look it up, and of course it's just another way of saying "period," as in the mark at the end of this sentence. That means that the ONLY plan Sprint plans on enacting for their 4G strategy is WiMAX. The WiMAX interface was the only interface available at the time when Sprint first had the opportunity to make the move to 4G, and according to Hesse, "it was perfect with the spectrum we owned [2.5GHz.]"

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